140528 Blue Lagoon Additional images

ISLAND 2014-05-28--06-04
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© NF Photos 140528 Blue Lagoon additional images

 Arriving at Blue Lagoon, from the bus

A misty place

Black lava rock, white minerals and turquoise water and people enjoying themself.
What a combination!

A little cave where you can be alone for a moment

Outside the facility. Looks like something from an other planet.

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140604 Reykjavik to Arlanda and home

ISLAND 2014-05-28--06-04
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Woke up at 3 o´clock as we were supposed to be picked up at 4.15h. There was coffee and juice served at the lobby so we were good to go. It was raining.

It took about 45 min to get to the airport and it rained all the time.

Waiting in the plane. Runways seemed crowded with planes, buses and other vehicles.
I amused myself with shooting the reflections on the wet ground.

After a long wait we finally were airborne and on the way to Arlanda. It stopped raining and when we flew over  Iceland we could still glimpse parts of  the land. As we closed in to Arlanda I found a rape field still yellow and got a shot of it from above. 

I got my bag and found my car and was on my way to a short visit to my daughter before the last part of the journey.  Between Flen and Katrineholm has been roadwork for several months now. And they have a strange way of doing things. At one location they provide the traffic with a pilot or "lots".  You had to follow the lots car like a ship is following the pilot in to the harbour. Weird, never seen that before or followed one. Usually they put up cones and arrow signs to lead the way through, but this time we had to follow a car.

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140603 Sellfoss to Reykjavik

ISLAND 2014-05-28--06-04
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Today we left at 8.30 as Jon wanted to take us to a nice church and it opened at 9.00h. I don´t fancy churches that much but this one was special. It was rather new and had an altarpiece that was exceptionell. It was located in SkálholtThe Church at Skálholt
After being in church we left for Gullfoss. But..before we got to Gullfoss we made a stop at, yet, another waterfall. I did not get the name but it was probably the same river. Hvítá River. Iceland is not very high but it has a huge amount of waterfalls. Probably because of the glaciers.

Gullfoss (translated as "Golden Falls") may be Iceland's most popular waterfall. It is one of the musts on your trip here. It is a lot to see as the fall twists and turns creating interesting shapes and forms. Much to capture. At least for a photographer :)

This is a part of the "Golden Triangle" and next leg in the triangle is the Geysir area. The old Geysir which named the area is now asleep. The new one erupting is Strokkur, it´s erupting about every 4–8 minutes 15 – 20 m high, sometimes up to 40 m high.
 This stop was combined with lunch but as usual I was to busy to eat. Going home tomorrow so, who cares?  :)
Now we drow to the large sweetwater lake where the rigft valley is clearly visible.
 "It is the site of a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It is also home to Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland."   
It was raining but we got out for a moment anyway. There was some people in a car beside us taht brought out diving gear so I guess the laek was good for diving as well.

Last stop in the triangle is Thingvellir Nat park. "Þingvellir is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland." Read more follow the link:  Þingvellir!

And now, acc to our guide, it was already late and we needed to go to Reykjavik. As he put it, we wanted to go shopping. Truth is, he wanted to go home. We made one stop in Reykjavik. At The Perlan on Oskjuhlid hill. It is kind of fun, they have an indoors geiser imitating the Stokkur. And then at 14.00h he left us at the hotel to spend the rest of the day individually. Being instructed that the bus for the airport will pick us up at 04.15h.

I put my stuff in the room and went out to buy something to eat and to go to the pond with the birds. And, when it caem to birds it was my lucky day. An Eider family with two ducklings was swimming there.
Geysir and Strokkur

Linking the indoor fences for GOOD FENCES  
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140602 Hotel Nupar to Sellfoss

ISLAND 2014-05-28--06-04
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We left "the container",Island hotel Nupar, after breakfast. A heavenly one at that . They were serving waffles. You baked them yourself so they were all fresh.
Driving west along the coast. Our first stop was a gorgeous canyon, the Fjadrargljufur Gorge! I take so many photos and it seem hopeless to share this place with one photo. This place is the proof that Iceland is being teared apart. One side is moving towards Europe. The other side towards America
We also made a stop at Katla Geopark. A place where lots of volcanoes erupted 1783. The Laki eruption

Next stop was a beach, Dyrhólaey,  with lots of lava pillars and other fancy nature stuff like caves and birds. It is located close to the city of Vik i Myrdal. "This is the southernmost coastal hamlet of the country and the only one without a harbour. The flat, black beach south of the village was declared one of the 10 most beautiful island beaches of the world by the Iceland Magazine."

 After the visit at the beach we drove back to Vik for a lunch break. As I brought something with me I went out checking out the surroundings. Turned out to be more interesting. Fine beach and great birds and even  more lava pillars.
Well, the others finally had eaten and bought whatever souvenirs they wanted and we left again. Now aiming for Skógafoss waterfall. Close to the waterfall was a Museum as we visited as well. Skogasafn! A museum of old Iceland history, both nature and how people lived. Quite amazing!

The saddles in the museum is for rich ladies. But I think I remember a note saying it also was used for newly wed couples. hen not used as saddles anymore they converted them to chairs.
We continued west to the next waterfall, Seljalandsfoss. This waterfall was a bit unusual as it was possible to go around the falling water. That was cool but you got wet! And so did your camera. Fun nevertheless!  See image below.
Arriving at Hotel Selfoss rather early and dinner at 20.00h would give us time to go to the local swimming pool. But to our disappointment is was closed for reparations. So, I took a walk along the river instead. And had time to take a shower before dinner. I was given a room with gorgeous view over the river. Had quite fun watching gulls playing like children in the river currents. :)

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