150305 Varanger Norway, Katrineholm to Gardermoen. Oslo

Varanger, Norway 150305-150311 

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I woke up at 6 and started to get everything ready for departure.  My daughter wrote me that there were trouble with SJ, the trains, now. I´m going nuts L I don´t really want any more trouble after the plane got grounded. (Norwegian pilots on strike)  But it turned out ok and I could go with the bus and train as scheduled.  I had window seat but dirty windows. Sun shining.

In the seat in front of me 2 young women was travelling. Both with computers and rarely spoke. Unless they talked about something on the screens.  In fact almost everybody on the train was sitting with computers and, or, phones. 

I had prepared my meal for today and ate  a little before I arrived at Oslo S around 14,15h.

 I walked around for a bit to investigate how to behave when I shall return. Toilet cost money of  course. I did not want to exchange money for the few days of this trip. But I could buy something for the EURO I brought with me and that way get some coins.  I found the place where to buy tickets for the return ride. But the timetable was not great. Either an early bird or a night owl.

I had planned to stay 2h in Oslo but it seemed so boring, overcast weather and large streets in the nearby area,  so I took the bus to the airport. Did not really matter if I was bored in Oslo or the Gardermoen airport. 

On the bus to Gardermoen Airport I spotted some cool buildings. They would have been worth exploring I think.  Image taken from inside the bus. The driver called them "Bar Code buildings" or something like that. 

I was quite amazed by this set of indoor clouds. Looked cool. 

Now I´m writing and I found out a while ago I can check in the bag so I don´t have to worry about it during the night.

I always sleep on a bench at airports, it became a habit as planes always go early in the morning. But the chairs meant for resting in Gardermoen was located at the tunnels where to exit the airport and it was cold . Later on I found another place to stay until morning and the time to go through security.  Everything went well and I met with the group. 

Thirsty or hungry? You can always get a drink and something to eat in Gardermoen :)

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Varanger 150306-150310

Varanger 150305-150311 inkl tor ARN

Åka till Varanger 150305 torsdag
Time table
08.25 alt 07.55  Buss t torget   ICA 26:-

09.09- 13.44    Tåg K-holm -Oslo

15.20               bussavg senast http://www.flygbussarna.se/arlanda   210:- tor    tid ca 45 min

16.30               t ARN senast   

18.30               Flyget avgår fr ARN
10 SEK = 9,31 NOK


Flyg Oslo Kirkenes
Lunch i Varangerbotn

Video from The Hide 

Vi kommer att äta ungefär så här:

6/3: Transport Kirkenes – Båtsfjord. Lunch på restaurang längs vägen i Varangerbotn. Middag på kvällen i Båtsfjord. Nigh at Polar Hotel

7/3: Frukost, lunch och middag på hotellet i Båtsfjord. Nigh at Polar Hotel

8/3: Frukost, lunch och middag på hotellet i Båtsfjord. Nigh at Polar Hotel

9/3: Frukost i Båtsfjord. Något att äta på hotellet (typ andrafrukost) efter gömslesessionen. Sedan transport Båtsfjord till Melkefoss i Pasviksdalen, lunch på restaurang i Varangerbotn längs vägen. Middag på kvällen i Melkefoss.  Night at 

10/3: Frukost och lunch i Melkefoss. Sedan transport Melkefoss – Kirkenes under eftermiddagen, middag i Kirkenes på kvällen. Övernattning på Birk Husky


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Termite mounds in Queensland

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

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Last stop before Kingfisher park
© NF Photos 140911

Close to Kingfisher Park on a camping
© NF Photos 140914

In a forest looking for Golden-shouldered Parrot

© NF Photos 140915  Lakefield NP

Termite mounds on wiki

I was really fascinated by the Terminate mounds in the northern part of Queensland. I did see at least 3 different kinds. Probably one more but I can´t find it right now. They came in all sizes and shapes and colors from red over yellow to dark grey. Quite stunning!

Snippet from wiki:

The structure of the mounds can be very complicated. Inside the mound is an extensive system of tunnels and conduits that serves as a ventilation system for the underground nest. In order to get good ventilation, the termites will construct several shafts leading down to the cellar located beneath the nest. The mound is built above the subterranean nest. The nest itself is a spheroidal structure consisting of numerous gallery chambers. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some, like Odontotermes termites build open chimneys or vent holes into their mounds, while others build completely enclosed mounds like Macrotermes. The Amitermes (Magnetic termites) mounds are created tall, thin, wedge-shaped, usually oriented north-south.

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140921 Flying foxes in Ballina

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

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Grey-headed flying fox

Grey-headed flying fox and a smaller Black flying fox

Grey-headed flying fox and a smaller Black flying fox (black fruit bat)
© NF Photos 140921 Ballina, New_South_Wales, Australia

Grey-headed flying fox and a smaller Black flying fox (black fruit bat)

These guys came in for a good days sleep. They been out and about all night. There are two species. Rather many of the larger Grey-headed flying fox but only 5 of the smaller Black flying fox. It was fun watching them and it seemed to please our guides as well. Nobody had thought of leaving too fast. We did see them going out to hunt for food last night. Big dark shapes flying the air. And it was not birds. I was not prepared for that so I was quite confused for a while. And, take a look at their feet and hooks on the wings. I would not want to get too close to an angry bat. :)

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140924-140926 Brisbane to Arlanda

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

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After spending many hours on the airport in Brisbane we finally took off at 00.55h. The last thing I saw of Australia was the bridge. On the plane they began to serve dinner after about an h flight. Dinner??? In the middle of the night? I only ordered coffee and juice and some peanuts. But my companion thought it was a great idéa with dinner. After that we could go to sleep if we wanted as the light was put out. Everything went well and we landed in Hong Kong about 7.45.

We did not have much time there as the next flight to London was scheduled to 9,15.
That was a long flight but there was not much to see. We travelled north of the Himalyas and there was much clouds.
In London there was trouble with the gates. First you have to go with bus for 20 min before you get to the right terminal. No5. Then we could not go to GATE as there was some trouble there. We were half an hour late before we were assigned a GATE.
So, we was late at Arlanda. But for me that did not really matter as I had to wait for the morning bus. We arrived at terminal 2 and I walked over to Terminal 5 as I am more used to. I walked through a corridor I never visited before. It was all red.  Quite cool actually.
 At terminal 5 I took a nap on a sofa. In the morning I went to the money exchange office and changed back the AUS money to Swedish kronor.
Then I took the bus and then the train and was home around 11 in the morning. And then, after a cup of coffee and a sandwich I lay myself on the bed and got to sleep.

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