Otters in Scotland

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 Adult with young

Otters - Uttrar
© NF Photos 120628 in Arran, Scotland

A beautiful family I had the pleasure to meet in Arran,
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Scottish cows

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© NF Photos 120627, Scotland

These images is from my trip to Scotland in 2012 and we was passing from the east coast to the Atlantic coast at the south of Scotland. It was a nice area with lots of country like this. It was cloudy most of the day so no sunshine here. I really liked the color of those cows.

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130831 Surfing and Airport

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130831 Saturday

130831 Saturday and last day
Time for the last activities in Honolulu. I woke up at six so I have already taken a walk at the beach and parks and are waiting for breakfast. Then I will finish packing so we can go when my family pick me up at eleven. Hopefully for a surfing activity at Waikiki.
At 7 a´clock this woman is already heading for the waves.
My family arrived at appointed time and we were allowed to park the car at the Hostel. We put my stuff in the car and left for Waikiki beach. We waited a while for a friend to my granddaughter as they thought they needed instructions and he knew how to surf. To bad I´m already set for departure so I did not try the surfboards. Did not want to be in the plane with salt on me. But, I finally got to see them surfing. Well, at least trying to.The waves was much lower now then it was in the morning. A pirate ship was also in the area.
After surfing we went to an ice cream store to cool off a little. And then we headed for the market to try to find the dress I liked the first day. And we did so I bought one. 

Then we picked up the car and went to the house. And as usual everyone is busy but me.

Before it was time for the airport we grabbed a pizza at Pizza hut. Had to eat something as food was not served on the plane. And the plane was going straight to Chicago. They drove me to the Airport and with passport and "ticket" in hand we said good-bye for now. And I went into the building.

At midday the sun are right up and don´t cast that much shadows. Only the lifted board cast a shadow. 

And this is the end of Honolulu trip report.
Thanks everyone that have enjoyed the trip with me.
And, as usual, now the trouble begins.
The first thing that happened was that the luggage had to be scanned for plants and animals. That turned out ok and my luggage got a yellow tag on it.

Then I went to the line for check in. I was assigned a station and headed for it. But when I was closing in the person staying there was leaving. Eh.... and did not come back. What the f....  Looking around the station I located a computer. Seemed like I was about to have to do it on my own. I did not like that. I was going two planes and having the luggage. I did not want to take any chances of getting it wrong.  Or be without a seat. So, I stayed put until somebody came and did it for me. And....she could not appoint any seats for me due to software problems. :(  So, I had to go in to the gate without having seats in any of the planes.
In the gate I finished the pizza I had brought with me and then I lined up at the empty desk to see if I could get the seats. Somebody came after a while and started to work at a computer but did not care about us people waiting. Then another one came and we could start talking to him. It turned out the first one was fixing the in-checking for all of us that was not finished. So at the time we were to board the plane I got my tickets and the note for my luggage. Turned out they gave me a seat in the middle of both planes so I could not move around as I usually do. First plane was  night time flight so it was dark most of the time. Landed in Chicago at 8.30 and spent 8 boring hours there. Next flight was also mostly dark and we landed in Arlanda at 8 o'clock Monday morning September the 2:nd.
Then I had to find bus and train to get home. With an open suitcase as it turned out they opened and destroyed it in Honolulu. Leaving notes they had checked it for security reasons, again!,  but did not take responsibility for it. What can I say, bastards! My lock would have been easy for them to destroy. But they had to destroy the suitcase. Bad ending of a great trip. The same thing happened to me when I was on Big Island 10 years ago. Hawaii don´t seem to think I shall leave!


130830 Honolulu ZOO

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130830 Friday

130830 Friday and Honolulu ZOO


Today I woke up early and took a morning walk. Then I got back to the Hostel and slept again until breakfast.  Later on I met with my family to spend the day at Honolulu Zoo. This is a place we have dismissed as being a small zoo for kids but then I looked it up on their homepage and it turned out to be much bigger then we expected so we thought we go there. I have been passing by the ZOO every day but never realized how big it is.
There were gardens, mammals, birds, turtles and lizards and lots more. The layout of the zoo was very good and I was surprisingly pleased. The areas for the different might not be that big but it was well planned. And now I have finally seen the Hawaii goose. The Nene! The Zoo also have animals from different parts of the world and programs for education, environments and research! It was lots of fun walking around looking at everything. But I think my grandchildren mostly run all over the place despite their adult age. And, me, well camera in hand I was a bit more slow. It was fun. It took 4h before we thought we had enough and then we realized they were about to close for the day anyway, so we hardly had time to look in the souvenir shop. A fun thing happened in the shop. The lady working in it thought we were 2 generations instead of three. :) That´s nice, isn´t it?

Then the others took off as they had some shopping to do and I went to the beach for a last evening swim. And watching the last sunset and fireworks.

There are now new people in the room and I have to start checking all my stuff as this will be my last night here. I uploaded todays shots and started packing. This was quite a great goodbye sunset. :)

130829 North shore and La´ie Point

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130829 Thursday

Today I have to put all my stuff on the balcony as they are going to check the room out and clean it from top to bottom. Everyone has moved out except me as I don´t want to change room. I´m checking out on Saturday to go back home. It there are bugs in my suitcase they will not disappear because I change rooms. So far I have not seen any. It was also a great time to throw away all the stuff people "forgotten" or did not bather to throw away when they left. Like old milk.
After breakfast I took the bus to the house. And after a while we left to go north on the windward side.. One of the girls skipped homework and games to come along with us.
We went straight to La´ie Point, the place where "the angry ocean smashed a hole in the rock". It was hot as usual and the lava was the kind that was sharp and hard to move around in. That particular lava seem to be everywhere on the island. I think it is called A´a lava. My daughter got a  cut but not that big. It was fun to move around in the area and to try not to get cut. I wanted to take a lot of shots but it was hard to do that. The hole in the rock was a bit out on the water and it was not windy enough to be truly spectacular. But everybody seemed to like the sharp lava and the salty sprays from the water.

Done with the  La´ie Point we left for our next stop. Waimea Bay Beach Park. A beach for swimming. Another very hot and popular beach with fine sand. And rocky cliffs. Waimea Bay Beach Park seen from the bridge, below.

Leaving this place we headed for the Turtle Bay. We visited the place last time but everybody wanted to go there again.

After that it was time for Shaved Ice place and then Dole Plantation on our way south again. And then I was full so when we reached the house I took the next bus to Waikiki instead of staying for dinner.
I am alone in the room tonight but had to fix everything back into place. And to get new bedsheets.
Had a Subway at the beach again.

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130828 Lanikai Beach and Starry Night

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130828 Wednesday
Went to the beach before breakfast as usual. There was a fisherman on the pier and quite a lot of fish. Today I was not about to meet with family until after lunch. Took a walk long the shore and in the parks. And then I had a cup of coffee and something to eat before family picked me up.
 We had some plans for surfing but as they were late we skipped that.

We headed north on the windward side looking for Halona Blowhole. (on wiki). We found it but as not lucky enough to see much.  It needed high tide and a windy day to really "show off". And this day wasn´t any of that. We only saw a little spray. The little beach to the right is Halona Beach Cove famous for a lovescene between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the movie, From Here to Eternity (1953).  Se image below.

Halona Beach Cove
 Realizing it would not be more excitement on the location we continued to Lanikai Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world it is said. Or was as I read somewhere. And beautiful it is even if I´ve seen beter ones, and hot!  The sand was nice but you had to run quickly to the water not to get burned. There was a little corals here and there but not too much. It was rather easy to swim. As it was too hot for tanning I walked along the beach trying to capture nice waves. That´s quite fun. The sand was wonderful and looked great on my daughters feet.

Done with the beach we got to Kailua,  a nearby town, and had some shaved ice and then dinner while the world was darkening.
There was one more thing to do on our list and we needed a dark clear sky for that. Stargazing! Away from any municipality there should be great opportunities to see the stars. But there was clouds coming and going so it was not that good.

Back at the hostel around 9 PM there was some newcomers but I have my routine now. Shower, uploading images and drinking coffee and a little whisky and writing and sleeping. And talking, if somebody is talkative.

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