Yellowstone - Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone 170927-171005

 Mammoth Hot Springs

Lots of images today again. This will be the last post for the trip to Yellowstone and Teaton. I went to see Yellowstone Hot Springs again. Now I have seen it! And a lot more. I´m satisfied. I have shared a lot, yet I only saw a fraction of all that there is to see. If you have the time. 
Hope you all liked my images of nature and wildlife in one of Our Worlds Wonders, a very colorful and hot place! 

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Thanks Yellowstone!
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  1. What amazing terrain and gorgeous scenery.

  2. Now there's a way to take photographs...lying down on the boardwalk with a camera! So many fabulous photos here. The hot springs are amazing, and must be even more so when you're so close to them. My favourite photo is the one of the dead tree, and off in the distance there is green!
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  3. wow wonderful place. Amazing clicks.

  4. I went to Yellowstone about 20 years ago. I love it!


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