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Malta was My World for a week.
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110420 Wednesday.
After a bit chilly night I woke up at 6.30. A bit early, but it was OK.

The others woke up too and went up at 7 as to planned. We made breakfast from what was on the table when we arrived. Then Peter picked us up at 8.15 and headed for the diving shop. We spent some time there, lookin around the shop. When Peter was ready to start teaching J&M  I and Janet went for a walk. Janet did forgot to get Euros so we had to find a automat to get that. Peter had told us how ato walk to  get to the shore and then back to the hotel. So, we walked, got the money and took a lot of shots at the shore. Janet found a lion she adored. :)  At the hotel we changed to something lighter as it started to get warm. Then we headed back to the diving center. It was not that far. Now we know all of Bugibba. :)
Preparations at the shop

When we came back to the center Véronique was there. She is Peters partner and helps out in the shop when she don´t teach language classes.  Now we went to the diving site at the local shore. J and I passed there before. J&M was taught to handle the compass and I got the underwater-camera in my hands. To put to good use. It was a nice place and both Janet and I was enjoying ourselves. It is so nice to hear and smell the ocean again.

After the compass training they made the first dive. And then it was late lunch.
Véronique came down at lunchtime and we all had something to eat at the kiosk.

Divers have to spend a certain time on land before they can dive again. So that was how lunch was planned. That is due to divers sicknes. It takes time for the body to adjust to the conditions over and under the watersurface.
After the next dive Peter drove the party back to the center and then drove us to the hotel.

We relaxed on the roof for a while. There are 2 small pools. and sunbeds. We also located the mini-shop. Then Janet and Marcus went out and I and Johanna took a swim in the indoor pool next to our appartment.

I downloaded todays shots to the computer and when JoM came back we left to find someplace to eat. As time was almost 20.00 we went to Mc D. Then hurried up to the lady that booked tours. We ordered the tour to the dolphins so we are going to swim with the dolhins. After all those years it is finally going to happen.
Diving in Bugibba

Back at the hotel everybody went to sleep. It is said that the sea tires you and it seems like it. Only I am up writing. and drinking a rom and cola. Yes, I bought myself a small bottle this morning.

Peter will pick us up tomorrow at 8.30. Then we are going to the northern part of Malta. Janet and I am invited as there will be room in the car. There will be 3 aditional divers tomorrow. So far I have seen no birds except for house sparrows. Not much for an island like Malta. But there might be some to see tomorrow.

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  1. Great trip!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. It does sound like a great and exciting trip! Look forward to seeing more pictures! Enjoy!


  3. Så spännande! Att dyka och upptäcka världen under ytan!

  4. Wonderful diving experience.

  5. Oh, what a great place to be-Malta. Sounds like a very nice trip, and scuba diving--what fun. Yes, you are right, there is nothing like being around the ocean. Tired and busy or not, there is always time for "blogging"!!! Enjoy yourself. Mickie :)

  6. Anonymous24 May, 2011

    Spännande för ungdomarna att ta Dykcertifikat på en sådan härlig plats som Malta!

    Från Lilsdolls som
    bra fick upp Anonym?


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