Birding on Öland 120505, Saturday

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120505 Saturday, going home day
I woke up too early to be good for anyone. At 4.15 in the morning, I tried to sleep a while longer but at 5.30 I was in the kitchen for a cup of coffee and the boiled egg I´m getting used to.  Then I went to Ottenby at 6.40. It was mist over the land and I took some shots on my way down.

I arrived at the Garden at 6.20 in time to see the young staff releasing the first batch of birds from the nets. Then they took them inside for checking their condition and to ring those who had no ring.

There was some small birds in the gardens but at the point it was almost empty. A mute swan was spreading it´s beautiful feathers in the rising morning sun. Seems like it enjoyd it. :) A few minutes later I discovered it´s mate sitting, or rather sleeping, on a nest. Some Eiders flew by.
It was a chilly morning, not more then +5 ° C and windy. A few birders gathered at the wind shelter. Not daring go out watching the few birds still on the shore. Just me walking around.
At 7.45h when I left Ottenby for the last time I got a nice go away present. I finally saw some newly hatched Northern Lapwings. Not cute, but so charming. :) You find images HERE.

Back to the Hostel to pack and a cup of coffee. I also took a short nap before leaving for Bejershamn up at the bridge to the mainland.  

At Bejershamn were about the same birds as when I arrived so I took the forest way back to the parking lot passing the nice old cottage.

Then I went to a surfing beach close by to eat my lunch and enjoy the ocean for a while before leaving.

Ölandsbron - Öland bridge
12.20 I headed north. Passed the bridge and turned north. After leaving Kalmar I was seeing a Red Kite above the road. Last bird for this trip. Took me 5h to get home. And I had a hard time with the windy weather.

I counted 75 different species and 4 lifers from them.

To see the birds from Öland go HERE

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