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Woke up at 3 o´clock as we were supposed to be picked up at 4.15h. There was coffee and juice served at the lobby so we were good to go. It was raining.

It took about 45 min to get to the airport and it rained all the time.

Waiting in the plane. Runways seemed crowded with planes, buses and other vehicles.
I amused myself with shooting the reflections on the wet ground.

After a long wait we finally were airborne and on the way to Arlanda. It stopped raining and when we flew over  Iceland we could still glimpse parts of  the land. As we closed in to Arlanda I found a rape field still yellow and got a shot of it from above. 

I got my bag and found my car and was on my way to a short visit to my daughter before the last part of the journey.  Between Flen and Katrineholm has been roadwork for several months now. And they have a strange way of doing things. At one location they provide the traffic with a pilot or "lots".  You had to follow the lots car like a ship is following the pilot in to the harbour. Weird, never seen that before or followed one. Usually they put up cones and arrow signs to lead the way through, but this time we had to follow a car.

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  1. I like the aerial shots.

  2. I, too, love your in-the-air shots!! Really beautiful!!

  3. I have been behind one of the follow me cars before.. Road work is awful but, it must be done.. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Growing up in the US west it was pretty common to have pilot cars with long waits as the car first led one side and then the other through the construction zones.

  5. Enjoying your air photos. Yellow field looks awesome.

  6. On rare occasions, we have followed pilot in certain road construction spots, usually in the mountains we find this is more common. Nice travel shots for SWF!

    1. Cathy, I loved your skywatch post but I can´t responding on it. There is ane rror. :(

  7. nice reflections in the rain!

  8. I love the shots you got from the plane.

  9. Anonymous11 July, 2014

    Traveling is never boring! From airport to airport things are different (tiring sometimes!) but your photos are excellent - love that short from the sky with the yellow field.

  10. Beautiful reflection on a rainy day...

  11. Cool shot from the plane!

  12. The landscape was brilliant.


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