140913 Queensland, Mt Lewis and Abattoir Swamp

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25
140913 day 9 Saturday
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Kingfishers Park. Breakfast at 7. This was a quite lazy day and we started with birding around the lodge. And, now people are getting sick to their stomachs. Those of us that was healthy walked around the area for an hour.  Our host took us to one of the meadows to show us two sleeping Papuan frogmouths. They were high up but clearly visible. And another species then the ones we saw the second day. I still have not seen the pitta though that is supposed to be here. :( 

Then we left to go to Mt Lewis. We drove uphill for a while then parked and started out on a forest path. One had to be a bit careful as it was rather steep on the lower side. We had a nice fantail displaying and dancing for us. And I saw a big black snake. But as I was a bit behind the others the snake was gone before I could tell them. It was a nice walk and back to the bus we went to the other side. There was a small meadow with high grass. Lots of butterflies fluttering around us. I managed to catch these.  Blue Triangle Butterfly - Graphium sarpedon

Back at the lodge we had lunch packages waiting for us in our fridges. We ate it in the little alcove enjoying the "wildlife" around us.

Then we went to visit a swamp,  Abattoir Swamp Environmental Park,  not that far away. It turned our the swamp was rather dry and not much water at all. And the wooden path out to the hide was an adventure in itself. Warning signs was not really necessary as the state of the boardwalk was obvious. But birders are used to all kind of troubles so we walked carefully out to the hide. And we got our reward. Fine trees were blooming and lots of small birds was there. A Willy wagtail couple was sitting on eggs in a fine nest. This trip was the highlight of the day.
Now it was time for Phil, the local guide, to go back home. Two of our people followed him. As we are going up north tomorrow we need to change the bus to three 4-wheeled cars. Our people returned in the evening with two cars and the third will come in the morning with a new local guide.
The rest of the day was obviously spent at the lodge. I took a nap and birded around.  And we was served a really good dinner. Today I had lot of time to upload and actually look at some of my images. COOL!
My clothes are now almost dry. Great, I need need to change tomorrow.

Abattoir Swamp

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  1. The Willy Wagtail on the nest is lovely - but I would have really liked to see the Papuan Frogmouth which is a different species from the one we have down here. I have to laugh at the rather broken wooden path! Great photos.

    1. Mick, the first image is teh frogmouth. Two of them. Click the image to enlarge it. :)

  2. What gorgeous shots.

  3. The first photo of the Frogmouths, cool birds and sighting..Nice seeing the Wagtail on the nest.. Great post and photos. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  4. The wildlife is different yet similar to my own here in the states..Lovely photos Monica. Thank you for sharing them with Nature Notes...Michelle

  5. May I share those butterflies to my friends on facebook who love them exquisiite?

  6. The butterflies picture is beautiful!

  7. The wagtail nest is a perfect cup! No neat to see one sitting on the nest. Loved the butterflies.A great day.

  8. My favorite are the butterflies. Beautiful colors.


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