Termite mounds in Queensland

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

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Last stop before Kingfisher park
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Close to Kingfisher Park on a camping
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In a forest looking for Golden-shouldered Parrot

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Termite mounds on wiki

I was really fascinated by the Terminate mounds in the northern part of Queensland. I did see at least 3 different kinds. Probably one more but I can´t find it right now. They came in all sizes and shapes and colors from red over yellow to dark grey. Quite stunning!

Snippet from wiki:

The structure of the mounds can be very complicated. Inside the mound is an extensive system of tunnels and conduits that serves as a ventilation system for the underground nest. In order to get good ventilation, the termites will construct several shafts leading down to the cellar located beneath the nest. The mound is built above the subterranean nest. The nest itself is a spheroidal structure consisting of numerous gallery chambers. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some, like Odontotermes termites build open chimneys or vent holes into their mounds, while others build completely enclosed mounds like Macrotermes. The Amitermes (Magnetic termites) mounds are created tall, thin, wedge-shaped, usually oriented north-south.

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  1. It's amazing that termited can build such tall mounds!

  2. Wow, the termite mounds are amazing.. Great shots from your trip, thanks for sharing.. Have a happy week!

  3. Wow, how very interesting ... I have to admit I have never taken much of an interest in termites ... perhaps I should explore this further. It sounds to me like a very intricate and intelligent system. Now you have tweaked my interest ... Great pictures too ... what a treat.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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