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Öland 170529-170601

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Öland is an island in the Baltic Ocean outside Swedish mainland in the south. Not far though, a bridge connects the mainland with the island.  The name Öland actually translates as island-land. :) .

To get there I have to drive about 350 km. Takes about 5-6h.  I arrived on Öland at 14.00h
 And from there went south along the coast facing the main land. I visited three places that was good for birding. One with a specific bird in mind. The Avocet!

I stopped once at Emån for a break and something to eat. I went down to the stream and found that the Banded Demoiselle was flying. Early I thought but I was more south then I usually am.

I visited two birding areas before I got to the Hostel where I got a room. After having some dinner I went out again to the south point and the Lighthouse Långe Jan (Tall Jan) and Ottenby Birding station.  A NatureReserve and scientific station. Great place for migrating birds.

Emån, Taking a break from driving. Finding Banded Demoiselle! Male and female.

 View over the bridge and the city Kalmar on the mainland, to the left.

View south. Baltic Sea
Beijershamn and the Öland bridge

  Avocet - Skärfläcka,
the bird I wanted to see.

The bay with windmills in the background. The growth on the water is floating with the wind. Quite strange, What you think is ground is not.

 Ottenby lighthouse Långe Jan

Redstart, male sitting on the net that was supposed to catch him for banding. But not this day.  :)

Evening at the Hostel

Arrival day over.

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  1. Beautiful post and loved all pics.

  2. The area is so lovely. I can imagine the flying insects are not as quirky as those we have here, because it is a bit cold. Have you not seen butterflies?

  3. So lovely and peaceful!

  4. Hello, looks like a great place to visit. I always enjoy the lighthouses and the birds. The avocet is beautiful. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. Great pics, with a nice variety.

  6. Very lovely! I would love to do a long trip to a beautiful place like this.

  7. It looks quite a wild and interesting place, love the Redstart, havn't seen one in a while.
    Take care, Gordon.

  8. That redstart is a beauty. Also the avocet is interesting. Different from our own I think .

  9. Love the lighthouse


  10. A very lovely trip; great views to admire! especially the view south at Baltic Sea!
    A nice day!


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