Malta 110422 friday, birding...well...

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Malta 110422 friday
Janet and I had free time today. The divers were going back t the same place as yesterday so Janet and I were going to do other things. Johanna and Marcus left at 8.15
Then Janet and I went through her photos so far and uploaded them to my computer. Then I looked at the maps to see where I should go. Janet is working out in the workout section. And I tried out the machines as well.

Then we had some lunch and went to town. They had seen some of the lipstick containers I have and I wanted to find them. We did and now I have two of them. And can finally throw away the one I got from Marcus as christmas present long ago. I also bought a calender for 2012 that I saw in the shop. Then we headed for the supermarker and bought some things for dinner tonight. Bread, chips and cheese and some fast food.

At 14.00h I left to see if I could find the Saltines. It was not that hard as I had a map. It took about 30 min to get there. But as I suspected there were no birds. Only a white ibis turned up. A world so empty of birds don´t we have even in the coldest wintertiem. Really strange. I expected a lot of birds. It is Malta the kingdom of migrating birds.
Silkeshäger - Egretta garzetta - Little Egret, alone at the Saltines

Then I did not want to go the same boring streets back to the hotel so I started to go around the coast. Figuring it would still take me back. There was another place to check out as well.
It turned out to be a rocky point, Qawra point. An area that was left wild and not built  upon. It was sharp stones of chalk or maybe lava. It looked like lava. It was hard to walk on and I have a hard time thinking birds would like it. At least bigger ones. I only saw a House Sparrow. At least the sun started to shine so it was quite nice.  

Back at the hotel my grandkids was already back. Marcus seemed to have had an incident at the last dive. He had started to cough and accidently throw out the mouthpiece and that was not good. Luckily Peter was close and could help out. But they had to help Marcus to shore. Now he was tired and went to bed as soon as he had taken a shower and eaten a little. But he says he shall dive tomorrow anyway.

Johanna did not want the food we bought so we started the gas stove and boiled some pasta for her.

At 20.00 Johanna is also asleep and Janet ready to do the same. Thsi island takes its tolls as it seems. Tomorrow we will be picked up at 7.00 as we are taking the ferry to Gozo so I will not be too late either. But I had some rom and cola to finish before going to bed. Och drying my hair. And a battery to finish charging.

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