Malta 110428 Thursday and last day

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Malta 110428 Thursday and last day
Home going day.  We woke up around 8.00 as we had to pack our things and clean out the appartment. So much garbage you collect only in one seeks time.And I had already thrown some away once. Made a last visit to the roof of the hotel.

Peter picked us up at 11.00 and we headed for the shop. They checked everything that should be checked for the licence and the shots we brought. When we were done we left and headed back to The Mediterranean Sea. Johanna and I stayed on some cliffs in the sun and the others went of walking. I took some cool shots of J. You can hardly see who it is. :)

At 14.30 we headed back to that chinese restaurant. We needed some dinner before going on the plane as there are no food served. The food was as good today as it was yesterday. But we arrived at the owners own lunch so it felt a bit strange. And their kids entertained us. :)

We headed back to the shop for the drive to the Airport. Everything went as planned in there and we said good by to Peter. The sun was setting as we left so I got some shots. I had the same view as before. I was hoping to see Vesuvius, but it was Johanna that did.
We arrived about 10 min early around 23.10. After getting the luggage and locating the cars it was time to say goodby to them and for us to go separate ways.

I was home around 01.00.
Mount Etna from the airplane, Photo: Johanna

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    Vi måste åka tillbaka vid tillfälle och kolla grottorna!


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