Morocco Oued Massa 121112

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121110-121124 South Morocco and WestSahara
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NF Photo 121112 Oued Massa , Morocco
 Looking at the shot above I was amazed. The waves looks really huge. The pink birds walking in the water is flamingoes. This place was the mouth of the river entering the Atlantic ocean. Images from my trip to Morocco last November.

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  1. Very pretty. I am on the Atlantic also but way over in the States.

  2. Those waves are huge. I am not confident I would try to get through them.

  3. Breathtaking! Love when waves are so huge!

  4. Wonderful colours in these sand and sea views!

  5. Wow such an amazing place and the photo is spectacular.

    Thanks in joining Water World Wednesday Kim,USA

  6. I love wide angle shots of landscapes, informative!

  7. Great shot. Love the interplay of colors, and the flamingos.


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