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NF Photo 130229, Oxelösund
I met one of the birders in my area on the library and he said there was a Ring-necked duck in Oxelösund. He seemed frustrated as he has no car. Well, we decided to go on Good Friday. The city is on the coast 1,5h drive east of where I live. We headed for the harbor where it had been seen.
This duck is very similar to the Tufted duck. So, at arrival, I immediately understood there will be a problem. How do you find ONE specific bird among thousands?
Well, the benefit of company is that you can do a little of other things while this guy checked out one Tufted duck after another. We also met a pair of my travel companions to CostaRica two years ago. They exchanged phone no so they could alert one another if they spotted the ringed one.
Lighthouse at Old Oxelösund
I had hoped to see some Eiders but I only found one. We changed location now and then and visited three places I had not been to before. I love that. First I check out the birds on the new location, then I left it to my companion and started to take shots instead. We visited 6 or 7 locations during the day without seeing the one we came for. Finally we had to leave.
You know what happened? Half way home his phone rang. They spotted the bird. lol, my friend wanted to turn back. Even considered abandon his family for Easter. But to turn back was no guarantee the bird would be there so we said we try again on Monday.

But there was no trip on Monday. All ducks had left, heading north and the ringed one was not seen again.
Harbour at Old Oxelösund
Oxelösund Horbour with lots of ducks where there is open water.
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  1. Så läckert...jag känner ju igen mig! Och det ser precis ut som jag minns det. Vi tog upp segelbåten där om vintern. Jättefina bilder, som jag njuter av.

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  3. Great area!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. The non-industrial harbor is so charming I can almost hear the water lapping. It looks like such a serene setting for people and wildlife.

  5. Great post and photos. Sorry, you missed the Ringed neck duck. Maybe you will have another chance. Have a happy week ahead!

  6. What a lovely harbor and your captures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  7. Great collection of photos! I like a lot. hug

  8. May be next time it will decide to stay longer.
    Great series of shots!

  9. What lovely scenery.

  10. Sometimes it does take perseverance and lots of patience to find that one special bird! And then it may appear unexpectedly! But along the way, I take photos of any other features that I find unusual! Great photos!

  11. Beautiful photos! It was an adventure none the less.

  12. Very beautiful photos of a great area!Have a nice day!

  13. Beautiful photos. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.


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