140923 Queensland, Canungra to Brisbane and the Airport

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25
140923 day 19 Tuesday

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After packing my bags for travelling back home I had my breakfast in the room. I needed help again to bring my luggae down the stairs. It is rather heavy with spotting scope, spare cameras , books and everything else. 

We left the motel at 07.00h to go to Brisbane. We came right in morning traffic and was rerouted to smaller roads as there were some troubles ahead of us.  But our guide was used to this so we ended up at Port of Brisbane. A bit later then planned but still. We made a stop at the office in charge of the hide in  Port of Brisbane wader roost pond to get a key and went there. The place seem to be known as Lytton Roost as well.

It was a great place for waders, ibises and ducks. I finally could see the Red-necked Avocets I´d been waiting for. There were lots of different birds in this pond. More then I would have thought. It was fun. We could walk all around it and get good views of the birds. Both the small ones and the larger ones. They will all be in my Aus  birdblog when time comes.
 After that we drove to a wetland that was rather dry actually. It was located at "Hamilton Pine Rivers Wheelers cycling club" and we had to watch for bikers all the time. There was an asphalted track for the bikers and small ponds and streams here and there. The area obviously is flooded every now and then as there are poles marking the depth of water level.

Now our Swedish tour leader started to get a bit stressed as the group were about to split up. We found a restaurant in town were we had our last lunch and then they drove us to the airport. We were four that would leave, two for Sweden, two for Melbourne and the rest of the group continued inland for additional days. This was not fun. The two of us going to Sweden was left at the airport at 14.30h and our flight would not go until after midnight :(  Almost 10 h at the airport and you were not even sleepy. But time passes and we got airborn on schedule. When we went to Australia we had three very short  days now we had one very long day to take us home.                                                                                        Brisborn from the airport

Below, the last thing I saw of Australia was the bridge in Brisbane, just after takeoff.

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  1. Love those Red Necked Avocets. Those long-haul trips can sure take it out of you, but I reckon the end results are worth it! Thank you for visiting my blog

  2. Sounds like yu had an exciting, eventful experience in Australia. 10 hours waiting at the airport though must have stretched your patience. Beautiful colours and cloud shapes in the third photo.

  3. Another great post, The Avocets are beautiful. I love the shot of the bridge.. Wonderful photos. Have a happy weekend!

  4. hope you enjoyed australia :-)

  5. Lovely trip. I hope you had a lot of fun.

  6. What lucky folks you are to travel in Australia. It's on my bucket list. I really like the photograph taken at the airport of the city and the sky.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  7. I like that shot of the Brisbane skyline!

  8. Just lovely!

  9. A wonderful series! The skyline shot is also my favorite!

  10. Beautiful sky photos and of the trip and interesting posting! Love the colors.


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