140924-140926 Brisbane to Arlanda

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

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After spending many hours on the airport in Brisbane we finally took off at 00.55h. The last thing I saw of Australia was the bridge. On the plane they began to serve dinner after about an h flight. Dinner??? In the middle of the night? I only ordered coffee and juice and some peanuts. But my companion thought it was a great idéa with dinner. After that we could go to sleep if we wanted as the light was put out. Everything went well and we landed in Hong Kong about 7.45.

We did not have much time there as the next flight to London was scheduled to 9,15.
That was a long flight but there was not much to see. We travelled north of the Himalyas and there was much clouds.
In London there was trouble with the gates. First you have to go with bus for 20 min before you get to the right terminal. No5. Then we could not go to GATE as there was some trouble there. We were half an hour late before we were assigned a GATE.
So, we was late at Arlanda. But for me that did not really matter as I had to wait for the morning bus. We arrived at terminal 2 and I walked over to Terminal 5 as I am more used to. I walked through a corridor I never visited before. It was all red.  Quite cool actually.
 At terminal 5 I took a nap on a sofa. In the morning I went to the money exchange office and changed back the AUS money to Swedish kronor.
Then I took the bus and then the train and was home around 11 in the morning. And then, after a cup of coffee and a sandwich I lay myself on the bed and got to sleep.

Weekend Reflection

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading about all your travels and reading about your impressions of some of the Aussie scenery and birds. It all sounded like a great trip but a very tiring one I think. I hope you will show more of the waders you saw at the Port of Brisbane wetlands.

  2. beautiful light in that last shot!

  3. Wow, what a great corridor.... love the red lighting and that sounds like one very long journey


  4. wow- what a convoluted travel experience...but well worth it to see the red corridor!!

  5. Fantastic reflection in the last shot. Happy New Year.

  6. Long.long journey but great photo of that corridor.

  7. I love the picture you took from the plane, specially the second one : the reflection of daylight on the lake is very impressive...

    Happy New Year !


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