Japan 160202 Lake Furen and Steller's sea eagle

Japan 160122-160204
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© NF Photos 160202, Lake Furen, Notsuke peninsula and Washi-no-Yado, Hokkaido, Japan

Big birds today, lot´s of them.

We had a very early breakfast and left Rausu to go to Lake Furen where we should spend the day. It was a 2-3 h drive south and we had to be there at 9.00 o´clock as the feeding should start at that time. Of course I ha to enjoy myself during the ride. Image taken through a frosty window over a misty Pacific ocean.

The sun was shining when we arrived at the location and we had an incredible morning. 

After a little slow start with the Steller´s Sea Eagles rather far off waiting while other birds took the opportunity to get fish one by one the eagles took to the wings. And then the air was full of raptors. And we clicked like crazy. So much going on among all the birds. Steller's sea eagle, Sea eagles, kites and a few others. And they fly all around us. A once in a lifetime experience, unless you live there and feed them every day.  :)
Black Kite

Steller's sea eagle and Sea Eagle

A little sidenote, I think this was just a snack for the birds, it could not be enough to feed them all enough. But the place was just by the ocean, I could see it in the distance, so I guess the birds took dinner at the ocean. Or they would not have enough.

On our trip south we had stopped at a store to buy lunch and everyone eat when they were ready for it. 
In the afternoon we went back a little to visit the Notsuke peninsula. There was a Visitor Center but it was only limited open. Not much birds on the peninsula but we did see many deer´s. Women and childern on one side of the road. And the male on the other

There was some waterfowl and small birds but I´m afraid I did not pay much attention to them.

Sika deer

View of he abandoned harbor towards the mainland of Hokkaido. 

Then we headed back to the hotel and dinner.

AND, then, back to the place with the Blakiston's fish owl for another session. Three more hours in the cold, old, van. And open windows as soon as we heard the owl. This night we did see two of them. But not together. We saw the male and one of the young. 

This night I woke up with cramps in both legs. It hurt a lot and was a bit scary. The second time on this trip. First time was the second night. The cramp was also in my thighs so I felt like I had 8 different legs dangling around me. Unable to get to the floor to set them right. I tried to fix it with my hands and eventually I made it. But the muscles are hurting. I was able to get back to sleep for another 2 hours before it was time to go up again. 

Steller's sea eagle

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2/2:   Lake Furen, Notsuke Peninsula och Washi-no-Yado på kvällen. Natt i Rausu.   


  1. Hello, wow the eagles and the kite are awesome. Great birds and photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  2. Beautiful photos, hope you are OK now

  3. What magnificent bird photos. I love the last of the sea eagle in flight.

  4. I'd be doing a lot of shooting through the glass window on a 2-3 h drive.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. Sendrag är verkligen inte skönt. Och ugglan är absolut min favorit.

  6. So beautiful instants!.. Seeing birds in nature is impressive; and the scenery is so amazing to me! your travel, for sure, was so fabulous.
    Many thanks for sharing all of these with us! Best regards!

  7. Wow and wow ... I am green with envy. I would love to stand among a group eagles and kites. I maybe should be putting Japan on my bucket list (I am going to have to live to a ripe old age to get all of this in ... hmmm, but that is my plan :)

    Cramps are often caused by dehydration ... you should carry water with you when you travel and drink all day long. Cramps are the worst. I get them once in awhile. We have a pill we can take that stops them from coming back. Maybe you should check in your pharmacy to see if you have something like that. I hurt just thinking about your cramps.

    Beautiful pictures, Monica ... I would like to hear how you arrange for a trip like this :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. I hope your legs feel better now. I really enjoyed your Sea Eagles. I love our Bald Eagles here. I think you got some really good photos of the eagles.

  9. Lovely shots of the Eagles especialy that last flight shot

  10. The fish owl photo is a great action shot. Hopefully, those leg cramps won't side line you and your bird action.

  11. Beautiful photos! Love the black kite and the deer. The kite is looking right at the camera. The abandoned harbor shot was lovely too.

  12. Amazing! The birds are impressive and I love the stag by itself. I also love the harbour shot with snow by the water. Leg cramps are usually because you are lacking something, a vitamin or mineral, or maybe from being in one position.


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