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This was the first morning we could sleep as we pleased. We only had to be finished breakfast and packing until 9.45 when we should take the shuttle to the airport, Tokyo Intl Haneda. Our plane was due to departure at 12,50.

I was surprised at how beautiful the place was. Lots of  trees made of lamps. Looks like Christmas all day long. After checking in and I said goodbye to Ms Harumi Yamanaka I went to see if I could buy some hat but did not find any I wanted. But I did find a T-shirt with cherry blossom on it so now I have seen them in Japan. And I bought one.

This the Haneda Airport in Tokyo. I There is planes that has to land before we can tax out. This is goodby Tokyo and Japan.

The plane for the first part to Munich was a large one. When I had to go to the toilet I had to go down one floor. That was the first time I had to do that. Apart from that is was as usual. Food OK. Entertainment, worked, Flight INFO, worked. Window seat, YES. The trip took roughly 12 hours. 

I think this was the Russian river Lena. 

One thing that surprised me was that the flight path took us all the way up to The Arctic Ocean. 

Here is where we were closing in to Norway from the north direction. Then we had to go over Skandinavia all the way down to Munich. 

In Munich we had 3 hours to spare at that airport before the last flight, back up north, to Sweden. We arrived at ARN 22:40 and I was lucky, my daughter showed up. So I did not have to sleep at the airport. I got a nice bet at my daughters house. Then I took a train back home the next day. 

Here is a map of the places I visited in Japan during the trip. And the only Cherry blossom I saw and purchased.

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  1. Hello, 12 hours is a long flight. The airport in Japan is pretty. I have done almost 11hours to Hawaii. Great collection of photos. Have a happy weekend!

  2. So lovely trip! It must be so wonderful to see all these places! Greetings!

  3. The tshirt is awesome. What a lovely trip you have been documenting.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. Very nice photos here. Thanks for sharing your trip :)

    Have a good weekend!

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