140530 Whale Watching at Husavik and volcanic activity Krafla

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140530 Friday  Whale Watching at Husavik and a bit more.

Woke up at 6.30. Made myself ready for the day and had breakfast. Better be ready for cold and windy weather on teh sea I so dressed for that. I had tiem for a short morning walk as well. Iceland is very rich in artwork and sagas. You find it everywhere. This is a nice statue close to the harbour.
We left at 8.30 We headed north to go to Husavik for our trip to watch wales. On route Jon guided us on history events on that road. We arrived to Husavik on time to embarked the boat. This time our guide did not get any coffee break. :) But he did not go on the boat so I bet he had some coffee after all.

We headed out at 10 for a three h trip. First thing I saw was Gannets. Happy me. I love them. It was a nice day with very calm ´wind. Nobody got seasick I believe. The only backdraw was that there was rather much people and it got very crowded when everybody stayed at the same side trying to watch the dolphins and whales and puffins. I can´t say I saw many whales, but I did see a few fins.  Whales or dolphins? How can I tell them apart?

To finish off the tour we were offered a cup of chockolate and a bun.

Back at 13.00 to Husavik and people started to have lunch. As I had a little in my backpack to eat on the bus I took a walk instead.
We continued our trip at 13.45 heading south towards Krafla and Myvatn. On the way we made a short stop at another turfhouse. Not as impressive as the one yesterday. But still nice. 14.30 a photostop over the valley

Then KraflaCaldera. There was still snow at the rim of the volcano caldera so we had to walk the last part to the rim in thawing snow. It was very beautiful to see.

VitiCrater/Námaskarð was the next stop. A marvellous place IMO. Loved it, I could have stayed there all day long.  It is me beside one of the fumerols. :)

But, as usual, the guide wanted a:

Coffee break
so we had to leave that lovely place. :(

Well, true to my habit I spent the coffee breake in a different way. If you look carefully on the dark horse you can see the proof that we were in Myvatn area. Lots of flying critters in the air.

It was getting late so instead of birding at Myvatn north shore we drowe back to Akureyri. Route 87 and 848. Did see the Godafoss waterfall from a distance.  After a short round tour in Danich part of Akureyri he let us off at a Botanic Garden, Lystigardur Akureyrar, to walk the last part to the Hotel KEA and late dinner.
Dinner at 19.30  Finish the day with the usual shower and photo work.

Well, before I finish, I got to give you some fins, don´t I?

Namaskard overview

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  1. Great post! I love the Gannets too and the cute Puffins. Whale and dolphin watching is cool too. Awesome photos.

  2. Oh, a great post indeed!! Such superb captures! They're the next best thing to being there myself! How wonderful to be able to see the whales and dolphins!!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great week!!

  3. Wow, a wonderful country and a great capture.

  4. Spännande fina foton igen...

  5. Anonymous17 June, 2014

    More fabulous shots.

  6. Great post!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  7. What a great adventure. Beautiful scenery and I love the puffin!

  8. What wonderful scenery! I love them all!

  9. Seems to be a lovely place. You look gorgeous!

  10. I would love to visit Iceland some day. The whale watching tour sounds good, even if you did not definitely see whales. That photo of the caldera is simply stunning.

  11. What a great opportunity to enjoy nature... I too would be taking in the scenery rather than eating... Michelle


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