2014-05-28 To Iceland

ISLAND 2014-05-28--06-04
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140528 Wednesday
Woke up at 6, Finished packing and blogging before I left at 8.
There was not that much traffic problems as I had feared so the drive was rather easy. Except for Stockholm of course. There is always traffic jam due to building new roads, buildings and what ever they build. In winter there is trouble due to snow and ice. In summer the problem is road work.
The drive took 3h so I had rather plenty of time arriving at Arlanda parking lot. Took the bus from the parking lot and was checked in at 11.30.
I spent the next two h window shopping at the taxfree and other shops.
The plane headed out more or less due to plan. Only a few minutes late. I was in the last row of seats and had a window seat. That was a great thing when we passed over Norway. Snow still on the mountaintops creating beautiful patterns when they were visible through the clouds.
Over the Atlantic there was mostly white clouds. They did not lift until we were halfway over Iceland with only 45 min to landing. I could see rather much snow throw the clouds.


We landed nicely at the airport 14,30 local time. 2h difference in time. Flying in that direction give you very long days.  

I got my bag and found my party. And off we went to The Blue Lagoon. First thing to do when arriving in Iceland…getting a swim in the Blue Lagoon. It is a great place, warm and cosy and I think everyone should have the opportunity to try it. More images HERE

At 18.15 we left to go to our hotel for the night in Reykjavik. I went to a local supermarket to get some soda to drink and something to eat. Then I went out to find a dam I´ve seen close to the hotel. Found it and there were quite many birds. Mostly mallards and gulls and a few other ducks as well.

Outside the hotel was an other kind of entertainment going on. Some kids skating in the square.
Been checking the blogs and was surprised because there was more comments then expected. And letting people know I´m OK.

It is only 22.20 but I am tired as my body says it it 0.20h. So, now I´m off to bed.

 I want to finish this post with an image of a couple trying to get a wedding photo on the lagoon outside the Blue Lagoon. Did not seem to be that easy and the bride seemed to be very cold. Borrowing a jacket for a while. And it was very chilly. They seem to be located in another world with rugged surroundings.

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  1. Anonymous09 June, 2014

    Island is one of my dream destinations! Lovely shots.

  2. Great photos of your trip. The lagoon looks fun. I hope you have an enjoyable time.

  3. Beautiful! I bet the Blue Lagoon is so nice and warm.

  4. Wow, the Blue Lagoon is beautiful. Wonderful shots from your trip. Have a happy week!

  5. Det ser ju verkligen härligt ut..

  6. Oh how beautiful. I'd like to experience the blue lagoon someday.

  7. Looking forward to your travel diary, Monica. Iceland is still on my wish list. If you haven't already, you need to read Arnaldur Indridason's Inspector Erlendur novels set in Iceland.

  8. Love that blue lagoon shot... looks like fun!!

  9. That blue lagoon does look like a must for the bucket list.

  10. I too like thatblue lagoon shot.

  11. Sounds great! I would like to visit there!!

  12. Lovely photos. I too would love to go to Iceland, and the Blue Lagoon looks a real treat!

  13. Love these shots....my nephew is doing his PhD there...maybe I should visit before he is done!

  14. The Blue lagoon just looks like heaven... lucky you


  15. Wow, a friend of mine is visiting there now as well and has just been to the Blue Lagoon. It is so different to here. That wedding party are certainly going the extra mile for the perfect photo.

  16. Well now I'm all intrigued. I want to go to Iceland and get off the plane and head for the Blue Lagoon.


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