140531 Akureyri to Breiðdalsvík

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 140531 Saturday, Akureyri to Breiðdalsvík
Dep at 9.00h.

Woke up at 630.  Packed my stuff and had breakfast. Coming outside the hotel it is raining. Not fun as there were a lot on the agenda. This is a day when we really should have started of earlier.
We made a short stop at a viewpoint overlooking the Eyjafjördur, with lots of eiders, and Akureyri before we headed east leaving for our first stop, Godafoss.
We were lucky as the rain stopped when we left the bus to take a walk passing the waterfall to the other side. It was a nice walk and the waterfall is a beauty. Could have been much better in sunshine though. 
Next stop was the black lava, volcanic area that erupted 2000 years ago. Dimmuborgir! Very unusual in shape. And for that we almost run through half the area. Time for coffee again.   As usual I stayed on the path for some more shots.

We continued to Myvatn and a place where there was supposed to be lots of birds. But it was a little disappointing. Very beautiful to walk in the midst of Icelandic Birch to the water but not that much birds. Despite the huge amount of flies. But there was some action on the lake. Icelandic Golden eye had some fun.

And now, lunch! A late one! At Jardbodin Nature Bath.  Apart from lunch and souvenirs there was also a possibility to take a swim in the hot water pool.


Last stop in the north was Dettiforss. Here we had to hike for a km in rough terrain and very wet too due to melting snow and rain.  But it was worth it.

From now on we drove eastward and south. A long drive over Iceland's highland desert. No stop here. I only took shots from the bus.

When we spotted the sandstorm we were quite happy sitting in the bus. It was shaky enough with the strong wind.
 Dimmifjallgarður location for the sandstorm.
There was one farm,  Mödrudalur, on the highland north of Vatnajokull glacier . With a coffee shop of course. And this time I had a cup and a bun that was very tasty.
We were told it was only one farm. But they has a small Turf house Museum, an old gas station and a church. :) Not bad!

From now on there was mostly highland, waterfalls and snow everywhere. We had a stop in a city for filling up the bus. The further south we came it started to get foggy and rainy. That seemed to be common in that area. Making people work in the south but live up north where the sun shone. .
We arrived at the hotel when it was almost 20.00h and had our dinner as soon as possible. The room was  a nice mountain woody style. I liked it.

Road to Namaskard
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    Amazing landscape!


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