140922 Queensland, Lamington NP

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25
140922 day 18 Monday
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The whole day at Lamington NP
We all had breakfasts in our rooms as there was no restautrant. Then we met at 6,00h to go to Lamington as we wanted to be there early. To see and hear birds before the place got crowded. This is a popular place with restaurant, shops and whatever you want from a place like this.

After about 10 km drive the ascent started. We should go up to about 1000m altitude on "alpine roads". Narrow and curvy. It took some time to get to the park.  We had one short stop on the road to watch some doves. And first car had a Lyrebird running over the road in front of them.
Image view over the mountain view from the car.

We spent the morning walking in the rain forest. And raining it was. First really rainy day on this trip. But we were prepared for it.  I guess I´m starting to get bored at rain forests. Not much to see despite all vegetation. After an hour or so it started to come lots of hikers walking and talking scaring all birds away. :(. Well, not all, the Logrunners did not seem to mind. That´s a small bird working the forest floor in search for food. And busy they were.
We gathered for lunch at a camping table with roof above as it was still raining. While we was eating a lot of Regent Bowerbirds came and started to steal our food. We were almost attacked by them and had to fight them off. And a Brush turkey tried to steal an entire plastic bag full of food.
We spent another hour in the forest area and some time at the feeder they have where kids and adults can handle some parrots.
A little kangaroo was feeding on the lawn not bothered by any humans.
Then we had some coffee and went shopping in the store before we went back to Canungra. Arriving  there I took a walk to look at the place. They had a wonderful little park with trees in full bloom as they has springtime in September. Not fall as we have.

Dinner at the same restaurant as yesterday and then shower and packing for the last trip tomorrow.

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  1. Very interesting and great photos again. You saw a good assortment of birds and some that are not commonly seen - such as the Regent Bowerbirds. Rainforests are not all that common out here because it is far too dry in most places - so - we tend to think they are very special! - but they frustrate me because I hear the birds in the upper tree tops and can't see them.

  2. What a beautiful place for birding and the birds look awesome..and I love the cute little roo.. Great report and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Wonderful post, very interesting and great photos.Love that tree. It is amazing. I have seen them when I was in Australia. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. beautiful place! and birds and kangaroo!

  5. I love the happy faces on that family feeding the parrots.

  6. Kängurun är så söta.

  7. Interesting post, nice landscapes fotos, greeting from Belgium.


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