150309 Varanger Båtsfjord to Pasvik NP

Varanger, Norway 150305-150311 

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150309 Monday
We met again for the last session in the hide. Early morning as usual. Not that much action today. The only change was that it was a little more waves outside the hide. My elbows are sour after laying down on them and the birds seemed restless. But I got one last super cool shot. It feels sad to leave. I will probably never see these birds again and they brought me much joy. 

Båtsfjord Harbor

So close that I could almost touch it        

King Eider

Long-tailed Duck. Cleaning it´s long feather
Steller´s Eider

There was also a few Purple Sandpipers (skärsnäppa) in the area.

We was picked up at 9 to pack and get ready for departure at 11.00. The hotel staff  invited us for coffee and waffles before we left. A nice gesture I think. They new our day would be long. 

At 11.00 h we headed south again and the sun disappeared rather quickly. We was driving in a snowstorm with rather bad conditions. It was very windy. At times it was hard to see the road for all snow blowing over. We were glad for the red poles marking it. 
We made a photo stop on the road but the wind was so hard I barely made it out of the car and our tour guide hardy was able to stand upright.  Not fun at all. 

We made another stop when we did see a rain deer family in the snow. The blowing snow looked like mist.


Lunch at Varangerbotn.  I did not have any as I was not hungry. I was still full from the waffles.  And besides food is really expensive here. But it was too windy to take a walk so I still had to be inside. We drove by Kirkenes and headed towards The border and Birk, Our destination. Now we are coming to more forested country. I think it is called Taiga. Was a bit unsure of the way but there was not many to choose from and while driving along a lake, in a darkening land, my  phone beeped, I was welcomed to Russia. But I was still in Norway. I think, or maybe Finland. No, according to the map I was still in Norway. In Øvre Pasvik National Park to be exact. 

We reached Birk at 18.00 h. I did get a cold room on top floor. Soup for dinner and then people got ready for bed. But I think someone was listening for owls and maybe tried to see auroras. After a long day we were all tired and next morning is another early one. 

My door will not close. It has settled, but we are the only guests so I just put my bag in front of it to keep it in place. It is an old building just redecorated to it´s old style.

The road we travelled

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  1. What a beautiful day, such gorgeous photographs! The light's amazing and even the blizzard images are full of light.

  2. Wow, The Eiders are so cool. Wonderful photos. And the snowy scenes look brutal. You do go on some amazing trips. Happy Skywatching, have a great weekend!

  3. you take such good photos! in the first shot it looks like perfect fishing, all the birds are around for a reason :-)

  4. Superb captures as always!! You do indeed go on wonderful trips!! I love the ducks!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Replies
    1. hi, your image at the blog is very beautiful. BUT, your blog only allows GOOGLE+ responses and I don´t use it :(

  6. Anonymous22 May, 2015

    Gorgeous shots! I love the reindeer in the snow.

  7. Anonymous22 May, 2015

    really liked the first shot with albatross flying near the shore. Out here, we live in different terrain. For people like us who live in semi arid region..its a refreshing scene!

  8. What a trip to remember. The Eiders are so beautiful. Is that rreally a road in the last shot? Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Hello, I am just stopping back to say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  10. What a trip you had. So lucky. Love the shot of the King Eider. He is a truly handsome fellow.

  11. You have some fantastic shots of gorgeous critters, N.F.

  12. fabulous ducks! and reindeer!

  13. Vackra fåglar. Landskapen ser så ödsliga ut där uppe.

  14. Amazing snowfall and the reindeer...but the birds...oh my goodness how I envy you being so close to these!!

  15. A bittersweet post with some gorgeous photos of the birds. I am astounded at the traveling conditions you faced! Such different but also beautiful shots of the snow!

  16. Wow, what interesting scenes! Love the reindeer.

  17. Great selection of photos!


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