150310 Varanger Pasvik to Gardermoen

Varanger, Norway 150305-150311 

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Last day up north. Early morning as usual but as early as before. We had breakfast prepared for us in the kitchen. Just had to boil water for tea and coffee. Everyone eat what they wanted and prepared to take with them for mid morning snack. Hot coffee or tea ans such. And off we go.

We left at 6.30 for the place where the feeder was located. We had to drive on a narrow forest road but as it was frozen and had been cleaned of snow it was no problem. We found the cottage with the feeder. It was still a bit dark when we arrived but soon the sun raised and we prepared for the birds coming in for breakfast.  Around 7.30 they did.

There was more species then I had expected it to be. And it was fun watching. The light became better as the sun raised.

It was fun, a few new species and a few I know from home. They found their way that far up. 
I was happy to find waxwings among the birds as they has not been visible at home this winter. 

After 2h in one spot I needed to move a bit so I walked around, checking the surrounding. A beautiful sunshine lit up the area. On the other side of the road was a place for keeping the sledge dogs. But no other tourists then us here so they were empty.

Some of the birds pine grosbeak (tallbit),   grey-headed chickadee or Siberian tit (lappmes) and  Arctic redpoll or hoary redpoll (snösiska)

pine grosbeak (tallbit)
Common redpoll (gråsiska)
Arctic Redpoll (snösiska)
Waxwing ( sidensvans)

Siberian tit (lappmes) 

At lunchtime we headed back to Birk. They also had a smaller feeder outside the restaurant and of course we stayed for a while checking that out. It was some of the species from the morning and also Siberian Jay (lavskrika). A wonderful bird in the crow family. 

Siberian Jay ( lavskrika)
Done with lunch, birding and packing we started out north to slowly go to Kirkenes and the airport. We drove along the road and suddenly spotted three Northern Hawk owl. (hökuggla). That was amazing. 

Northern Hawk Owl (hökuggla)

In Kirkenes we stopped for dinner before going to the airport. I ordered a pizza and it was really a good one. When we arrived at the airport it was empty. The strike on Norweigian is still in full swing. Luckily we don´t fly with them.  Our flight took off as scheduled and we had a night flight down to Gardermoen. Last part of the trip was wonderful. I had window seat and lots of towns lit up the ground as we passed.  After landing at 22.40 we all got our baggage and then parted. I for one stayed on a sofa as usual. Will continue to Oslo  in the morning.

The owl takes off.   And with this I say goodbye to Varanger and all wonderful birds and places. 

On a side note:
The early mornings has been a surprise for me. I had expected dark mornings. As we were much higher up north it should have been darker mornings. I have to check that out,
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  1. Beautiful snowy scenery. I hope you had enough warm clothes on! Great to see so many birds eating at the feeders. Great photos.

  2. Whooh how wonderful those birds are on a spectacular view!

  3. gosh you are keen! how cold was it there?

  4. Another great outing, beautiful birds. I love the hawk owl. Great photos, enjoy your new week!

  5. Sounds like a fun and rewarding outing. I especially like that last shot.

  6. Anonymous26 May, 2015

    What a fun trip. I like that last shot.

  7. Looks like such a beautiful place - love the hawk owl!

  8. So many great birds. Love the Waxwings too.

  9. Quite a collection of birds on a cold and snowy day ....

  10. Beautiful photos ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  11. Beautiful bird and scene shots.

  12. What a wonderful place to get to go to! Beautiful, interesting birds there! Love your photos!

  13. Anonymous27 May, 2015

    Beautiful snowy scenes. I love that owl shot.

  14. It sure looks like you saw some wonderful birds and got very good images to show for it!


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