150311 Varanger , Oslo to Katrineholm

Varanger, Norway 150305-150311 

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Slept a bit on a sofa on second floor where there are no drought. But it is not really comfortable. I was awake to catch the first morning bus to Oslo train station. It departed at 5.30. Not much traffic at that time so I was in Oslo around 6.15.

Following the light from buses to trains. Image to the right.

I knew there would not be any trains for a while so I had time to look around a bit. It was nice to see the sun rising from different places in the station and from the platform. 

I was lucky this time. They opened the ticket office at 7.00 and there was a train departing at 7.32.

A view at an old Station seen from inside train at a stop.

 Had a nap on the train and was in Katrineholm at 12,09. Took a long time but I did not have to change trains. And I had a row of seats for myself.  Then I only had to catch a bus to get home. 

What I did in the afternoon? Guess! Slept of course. 

I was not the only one taking a nap on the train.

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  1. Hi. I've come here through SkyWatch Friday

    One of the good points of travelling by train is to be able to take a nap. :-)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I especially like the lovely station seen from the train.

    Romi @ In the Way Everlasting

  2. I'm a morning person so I would totally go with that too :-)

  3. You must be tired from the travelling. At least the weather is beautiful. I always nap when I'm on long distance travel.

    Alex's World! - http://alex.kakinan.com

  4. the last shot is neat. i like the light glinting off the escalator, too!

  5. Wonderful reflection in the train window in your last photo.

  6. Gaaosh I love the reflection shots in the train in the last shot

  7. Is a ray which protects your sleep, very nice!

  8. A sneaky photo of someone snoozing!

  9. lovely photo of the nap!!

  10. Sometimes getting up silly early can be rewarded with lovely light and quiet times


  11. I love traveling by train and just enjoying the views like yours - Please do come and visit and link it up for today's Travel Photo Mondays - the post will be up all week so I hope you can join us too!

  12. Well captured light moods...

  13. Nydelig - jeg foretrekker faktisk den sovende.
    Ha en deilig dag.


  14. Great series....thanks for sharing your trip♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/sun-etched-clouds/

  15. Places seem so different when you see them in the new light of day! I love trains and it seems your sleeping friend did, too!


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