Yellowstone 170928 First encounter with Bison / Buffalo

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First encounter with Bison / Buffalo
© NF Photos 170928 Elk Ranch Flats, Teton NP

Our first encounters with the Bison herd was after the sunrise at Teton Range. Our cameras already warmed up. And that was necessary as it was a frosty morning. We first saw the bison's on a small dirt road not far from the main road. Their tops was covered with frost. Then we went to the Teton side of the main road and just then the herd was moving over the road and came right at me as I stood at a tree at the edge of the road. And the fence was about 5 m from me. The herd run back and forth to get over the fence. They have done that many times before, I can tell, as the fence was broken both here and there. It was a running frenzy and several times one animal was to close to me. I had to back off and no shots taken as they were too close then. The main problem for the herd was the young ones. They had trouble finding a place where to cross. I saw one finally crawling under the fence.

A little later we found them again grazing peacefully close to a farmhouse.  😄

Lots of adrenalin that morning. Something I will never forget.

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  1. Hello, the bison are cool critters. It is amazing to see these big animals running, especially if they are coming toward you. I love the mountain views too, so pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I appreciate your visit and nice comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  2. Your bison are wonderful! To see them running and jumping that fence...and also to see the babies, just incredible!

  3. Majestic creatures - so glad you had the opportunity to see so many, including young ones. And proud of you for exercising judgment - we have seen people get too close, and with their KIDS!

  4. Your images are impeccable. What a view that must have been in person. Thank you for taking us along.

  5. We were there is September also and loved seeing the bison.

  6. Spectacular! Such gorgeous animals! Have a lovely week!

  7. They are really amazing creatures! I always picture what it must have been like before they were hunted almost to extinction -- when huge herds roamed the plains of the US.

  8. They are amazing creatures and like Eileen I wonder about how the plains looked before they were hunted out....Michelle

  9. What fantastic creatures!


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