130822 Birding in parks

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130822 Thursday

The plan for today was for my daughter to come and walk with me in the parks and watch people and birds and plants. She also wanted to do her nails as they are not good. Then we should go to the house in the evening for dinner. But sometimes things does not go as planned and I spent the day on my own.
At first I took a swim after breakfast and then I walked in the parks and found two new species of birds I had not seen before.  One was the beautiful Golden Plover.

Another interesting thing I noted was this shadow of a palm tree. Lots of small birds, Java Sparrows probably, in the shadow. A row of birds in the shadow of the trunk as well as the leaves. But on this image they flew up. I was too close.

In the evening I took the bus to the house as agreed, but it was empty when I arrived. But I did not have to wait for long. The car arrived with all the girls and lots of food in it. Two of them was in the back with all stuff around them. They started to cook and served rosted potatoes and fried meet. Tasted great. But then after that the girls had to rearrange the furniture and rooms as they expected a new roommate to arrive the next day. So, I figured I´d better get my but out of there. I was back at the Hostel at 23.00h. Just in time for bed.
Tomorrow my granddaughter has  final test at the school on the other side of the volcano range and we will accompany her to see the facility while she is doing the test.


  1. Great captures and what a lovely place! Love your shadow shot for the day!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I am feeling a little jealous with all those warm summer scenes - love the last one. We are in a freezer right now.

  3. Wonderful series, I love the cute finches and the adorable plover. Great shots.

  4. Lovely post, great serie!

    Herlig bildeserie, flott å studere detaljene!

  5. I love those trees in the last photo!! and the palm tree shadow is great!!!

  6. The row of birds lined up in the trunk shadow is quite a fun sight. Beautiful view in the last photo. And love the shape of the palm shadow. A great series of photos.

  7. What a lovely place, and some cool shadow shots!

  8. I've not seen a plover like this one...it's exceptionally beautiful. And your shadowy shot of the palm and sparrows...beautiful.

    Good luck to your granddaughter!!

    Enjoyed reading about part of your life today.

  9. Wonderful photos!


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