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130830 Friday and Honolulu ZOO


Today I woke up early and took a morning walk. Then I got back to the Hostel and slept again until breakfast.  Later on I met with my family to spend the day at Honolulu Zoo. This is a place we have dismissed as being a small zoo for kids but then I looked it up on their homepage and it turned out to be much bigger then we expected so we thought we go there. I have been passing by the ZOO every day but never realized how big it is.
There were gardens, mammals, birds, turtles and lizards and lots more. The layout of the zoo was very good and I was surprisingly pleased. The areas for the different might not be that big but it was well planned. And now I have finally seen the Hawaii goose. The Nene! The Zoo also have animals from different parts of the world and programs for education, environments and research! It was lots of fun walking around looking at everything. But I think my grandchildren mostly run all over the place despite their adult age. And, me, well camera in hand I was a bit more slow. It was fun. It took 4h before we thought we had enough and then we realized they were about to close for the day anyway, so we hardly had time to look in the souvenir shop. A fun thing happened in the shop. The lady working in it thought we were 2 generations instead of three. :) That´s nice, isn´t it?

Then the others took off as they had some shopping to do and I went to the beach for a last evening swim. And watching the last sunset and fireworks.

There are now new people in the room and I have to start checking all my stuff as this will be my last night here. I uploaded todays shots and started packing. This was quite a great goodbye sunset. :)


  1. The goose are neat, wonderful photos from the zoo. I love the last sunset shot, it is gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for sharing with Saturday's Critters! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  2. En underbart vacker solnedgång!

  3. Isn’t it nice when you get somewhere and it is so much nicer that you expected? Sounds like you al had a great time...and that sunset. GORGEOUS.

  4. Wow,- fantastiske farger du har fanget i solnedgangen. Liker silhuettene av båtene i horisonten!

  5. Beautiful photos of the animals, looks like a great place.

  6. Beautiful photos. That last one is especially gorgeous.

  7. All shots are wonderful but the sky is absolutely breathtaking!

  8. Thanks for a day at the zoo. Have not been in years. Then closed the day out with a stunning sunset.

  9. That's a glorious sunset.

  10. Beautiful captures!

    Happy weekend.


  11. Such a beautiful sunset.


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