140905-07 Stockholm Arlanda to Cairns A VERY long day

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

140905-07 Stockholm Arlanda to Cairns  a VERY long day or shall I say three very short ones.

We started out from my hometown by car at 9.30h on friday morning, 140905, and arrived at Cairns at 04.15h on Sunday 140907. First stop was London  and the second one Hong Kong. Hours spent in the air: Arn-London 2h 40 min, London-Hong Kong 12 h and Hong Kong Cairns 7h.
A lot of time is also spent waiting. Waiting on Terminals to be able to Check In and then to pass Security before finding the GATE. Being who I am I can´t resist clicking where that is allowed. And that means....no clicking in Security. They would steel your camera and put you in jail.
We arrived at Cairns airport at 04,15h hours. Going through costumes was annoying in a way. I was searched in costums and secutity 5 times during the trip and sniffed on twice. Nobody thinks the costums before theirs do a good job. L and I wonder why I´m going through this. Well, at least I was happy when it was finally done and we could go out to join our local guide for the first week.
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Taking a break at Lake Mälaren. Sweden,  on the way to Arlanda airport

Somebody likes squares at Arlanda Terminal 2

At London airport they had this restaurant that I liked. If I was hungry I would eat there. The center of the table was moving with lots of different dishes. Take your pick and then pay. Another shot HERE  Made me wonder...what is reflections and what is not?   Weekend Reflection
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This is probably not Himalaya but somewhere north of it. Took it at early morning. What ever that is on a trip like this. Everyone seemed to sleep but me.

Part of Hong Kong in afternoon light

A beautiful woman selling perfumes I think. In the Terminal at Hong Kong Airport

Last stop, Cairns at 04,15h. Nowadays you can follow the flight in real time. Not so easy to read this flight path though.  :)
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End of first part of the trip for now! Hotel next.

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  1. The photo of the mountains from the plane is amazing, what a clear view! It's so far from Europe to Australia, but so worth it! #TPThursday

  2. Hi, No idea if my previous comment went through or not :)

  3. Looks as if you're having a wonderful time!

  4. The woman selling perfume in the airport has such a pretty costume on.

  5. It is always a pleasure to discover a new place in your compagny... Your pictures are truly inspiring.


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