140911 Queensland , Atherton to Kingfisher Park

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25
140911 Thursday

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Today we leave Chambers and will head north up to Kingfisher Park. Going through the images for the day almost makes me frustrated. How much can you actually experience in one day? It is amazing how many places you can visit in 10 hours and also be transported a 100 km up north.
First after breakfast we took a walk on the paths surrounding Chambers. It was nice as we did not had time to explore it earlier. To dark for shots though.
The first 50 km was the road we travelled earlier going south. But we made some short stops to check for birds here and there.  
This was the place with the black swans. But today I shot cows and gulls reflected in the pond.
 When we arrived at a golf course we made a stop for birds and kangaroos. That was a bit annoying as we could not enter the area as we were not members. Watching from a distance is not always fun. :(  The kangaroos seemed to have a lunch break, more or less sleeping. Birds was a bit more active.
At the next stop, a cattle market,  we saw some angels. At least it seemed like it. One of the cockatoos I think. Probably the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.  It was soo beautiful when back lit of the sun.

Next stop was quite weird. We walked through bushes and down into a dried out river. Hard to walk and easy to trip. And we did not find what our guide was looking  for. But rather fun experience still.
Se image below.
Now, one of the highlights of the day. Lunch! As usual the others found a restaurant and I took what I had with me and found a table opposite the street. While eating I noticed the trees beside me. Lots of honeyeaters. COOL! Lots of fun shooting the birds without people coming in my way. That´s what I call birding! And there was gorgeous flowers too. Probably Julatten

Next we stopped by a place called Art trail. There was lots of artwork one could enjoy but our goal was the Great Bowerbird that resided in the garden. This bowerbird collected all things white to his little garden. There was also some nice parrots there. Still have not ID:d them.

A bit further north we stopped at a dry forest with a little pond with beautiful flowers. There was some gorgeous small birds to watch. And...a heard of horses. I was in trouble, so much to keep track of. Both horses, birds and flowers soo gorgeous. I think it was a NP too but I did not catch the name.

Now it was getting late but we made another stop at Bustard Downs to look at Australian Bustards. And we had a great time watching them as the sun set.

When we arrived to the new lodge KingfisherPark, we got a bad surprise. The back doors of the van was jammed and would not open. There we were and could not get our luggage. After trying in vain the guide, Phil,  decided he had to go back to Cairns to fix it. Poor man, the landlady said he always gets in trouble and misses the dinner at their lodge. The dinner was served outdoors and very nice. It took 3h before Phil was back and we could finally unpack and go to bed after a long day.

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  1. I am really enjoying following along on your tour. You are seeing lots of things and birds that I have never seen. (It's a big country!!) Your view of the flying "cockie" is beautiful. I am still not sure that i would be able to keep up the pace all day long!

  2. A fantastic virtual tour for me. Great captures along the way.

  3. I have enjoyed your Australian tour. Beautiful scenery and great birds.. Awesome photos.. Have a happy day!

  4. I think I would have trouble keeping up the pace, Monica. I like to take in things slowly and let them sink in. I guess taking lots of photos would help though.

  5. A wonderful post and some really amazing pictures you got.

  6. Such a beautiful bird with a majestic wingspan.

  7. I am still with you on your trip and all the birds and animals you are seeing. I am loving. Love the reflections of the cattle and Egrets in the water.

  8. Really loved seeing the cockatoo, the bowerbird and the honeyeater especially but all your photos of this visit were wonderful!

  9. Nice bird photos, the cockatoo is amazing, it looks like a human form holding out arms with wings attached. Interesting trip.

  10. Wow, a great area to visit and beautiful photos.

  11. The cockatoo looked like a person in flight to me, too.

  12. That bird in flight image is great as are all of the others~

  13. What a great trip..seeing so much each day and especially so much beautiful nature.

  14. A country I really want to visit... I am sorry you had some difficulty....but wonderful nature to see... Michelle


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