140907 Queensland first day Cassowary and Cairns

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25
Sunday 140907
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After our guide, Phil, picked us up we went to the hotel for our first stay. Acacia Court Hotel, Cairns.  
Despite our early arrival we were able to get access to our rooms. We now had time to take a very much needed shower before breakfast at 6.30. I had room 608 with a great view of the Esplanade. In the treetop was sitting a beautiful white dove. My first bird in Australia. 

As we arrived early we went to visit Cassowary House today instead of tomorrow. Which turned out to be good.. Our guide lives there and we thought it would be great to start with it. There was a family of 2 adult and 2 chicks of the Cassowary birds. Very hard to get shots though as we were too many people on a small veranda. It was very nice to see them. There was also several other birds to start off the birding list. 

The area was also good for birding the forest edge. We spent an hour birding along the road and in the forest as well. And there we met another family of Cassowary birds. But in the wild people got nervous and we had to retreat. Taking a look in my files I realised there was no shots at all from that meeting. :(  

Then we drove to Cattana Wetlands nature concervation park, a great place for walking and birding. And with great dragonflies and butterflies as well. We had a nice walk around the wetland enjoying ourselves. One thing we learned about the country already this first day is that places are subject to flooding now and then and warning signs stood at tthe parkinglot. After that we really needed to have something to eat. I also found some cool parrots to shoot. :) 

Now we turned back toward Cairns and made a stop at another pond in what seemed like a factory area. We found, among other birds, these two Straw-necked Ibis. The smaller one seemed to be injued and did not move during the time we spent there.

To finish of the day we made two stops at the coast. One just outside Cairns and then we drove to the
Esplanade to see what was there. When we arrived it was low tide and some waders and other shorebirds was there. We also were looking for an owl that was supposed to be there, but we did not find it.

Dinner at 19.30 and going through the birdlist for today. 
Back on my room I checked the window view, uploaded my images to the computer and hit the sack. 
I was sleeping before I hit the pillow. 

At the end of The Esplanade was this place to take a swim. Suitable for all ages from what I could see. I thought it was a very nice place. 

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  1. A world away from the birding of my island. Interesting and great pics.

  2. Queensland looks so exotic to me! Or a fantasy land, as you called it. For sure if I saw an Ibis, I'd know I was in a very different place from Canada!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your visit to Austrailia. The birds are great and I love the scenery, the pool is nice too. Great post, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  4. Your guide certainly knew how to show you different birds and different environments. It seems a very long day after getting off your long flight. Great photos and I am enjoying your commentary about them - and look forward to the next part of your trip. Oh yes! The Cassowary is one Aussie bird I have not seen :-( Yet!

  5. Intressant och fia foton....

  6. I loved Cairns and I get so excited when I recognise a place from another blogger's photos so thank you so much for that last photo.

  7. Lovely itinerary for the day!!! I love the fish sculpture in the last image!!!

  8. Australia is an amazing place. I've toured around the country a couple of times. Great shots! Aren't those cassowaries awesome!

  9. That first bird looks like a peacock without his feathers... lol...

  10. Very interesting and wonderful photos....:)

  11. I'm loving your birds! This looks like a great place to wander.

  12. Lost my comment.... A place I want to visit... Great photos Monica.. I hope the ibis will be ok.. Michelle

  13. Cassowary are remarkable birds. Nice picture.

    Seems like we have a flightless theme going!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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