140910 Queensland More of Atherton Tablelands

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25

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As before we birded the garden area at 6.30 before breakfast. The clothes I washed up two days ago are not yet dry so I had to let them hang in front of the fake fire-heater. Hopefully they dry till tomorrow.

 It was a fine morning with great birds in the trees.
After breakfast we left to visit the NP of an old tree but it turned out the tree was no longer there. It was blown down in a storm and the NP was gone with it.

Then we went to Lake Barrine, Crater Lake NP. We started with a walk in the forest and then arrived at the lake. There was some birds in the lake but the real treat was the flowering trees. Here I first met the honeyeaters. Such adorable birds. A little reminding me of the hummingbirds in CostaRica. So fun to watch. I also found a Wompoo Fruit-Dove  in one of the big trees. There was also time for people to have some snack at the NP Centre if they wanted.

Hastie's Swamp NP  aka Nyleta Wetlands was next to visit. A place with a great "hide", a two storey birding tower from where you had a great outlook over the lake. There was some rare ducks swimming in the lake too. I took this shot from the bus before we got to the hide.

Then lunch break in a village. With some bird as guests. We also had walk in a school area, Wom ECLA I think the name was. There was trees and a ditch behind a football plane. A few small, colorful birds in the trees.
Now we headed for Herberton Range a burned forest. The first burned forest I´ve walked in. I have seen some in the past, but not walked in them. We were looking for some birds but did not see many. And I was busy with trees. And cows. We did see at least two groups of cows in the NP.

We were back at Chambers rather early for dinner. Later on we went out again to the Curtain Fig Tree to try our luck with owls and other nocturnal birds and critters. We heard some but saw little. But we did see a tree kangaroo.
Back at Chambers I took a quick look at the balcony for Striped Possum. They really are sweet. Took a shower, uploaded images and packed as we are leaving tomorrow.
Last night at Chambers Lodge and my clothes are finally dry.

Below, a beautiful silvery tree sparkling against the sky at Herberton Range

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  1. Great sequence of shots. Looks like a wonderful place to explore.

  2. I love looking up through trees to the sky!

    Arizona Sky

  3. Such beautiful captures and lovely skies as well!! A wonderful place to explore indeed! Thank you for sharing!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. What an awesome trip you had, seeing the wonderful Australia birds.. Great photos, thanks for sharing your trip! Enjoy your evening and the weekend ahead!

  5. You certainly saw a great variety of landscapes on your trip. I think you would have to be pretty fit to keep up with the schedule! btw burned forests regenerate quite fast as long as the fire was not too extreme. Your last photo is especially beautiful.

  6. Lovely shots of this wonderful country.

  7. nice clicks. last pic superb

  8. Beautiful shots... thanks for the tour!!

  9. This continues to be a great trip you were on.I have been to Hastie's Swamp where there were masses of ducks. Love the last shot. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi, stopping back to say thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  11. I've never heard of tree kangaroos! Fascinating!

  12. A beautiful place to bird, and I loved that green bird though I couldn't read the name. The cows were sweet as well ambling down the trail!

  13. Beautiful series. A great place to bird! The green bird (fruit dove, I think the hypertext says) is like a jewel flitting around in the trees. There is a Crater Lake NP in the USA too. It is in Oregon, where we are now ( and used to live before we retired)


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