120703 Skottland-Scotland , day 10 Tuesday, Islay

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120703 Tuesday, day 10 Islay
Woke up 6.15. Morning walk in a forest in Bridgend not far away.  Not much birds but we did see a treecreeper and a few others. And a cool tree to. We managed to see a treecreeper wich was a new species for the trip.  It was a quiet and relaxing morning walk.  :)

Breakfast at 8 and this time it worked a little better. We did order egg and other warm food even before the cereals and such on the buffe. The staff seemed a bit confused but it worked. Departure at 9 to a destillery. It is a rainy morning again.

We went to Lagavulin for the first tour through a destillarey today. This destillary is more modern then what we seen before. And for some reason we were not allowed to take shots. Could not understand the reason for it. After the factory tour we went to a storage building. There we were met by Ian. He told us a lot about the destillary and its whisky. We were given 6 samples to try. One at a time of course. The first one was the youngest and was clear in color. Really strong, around 70% I think. Those who did not expect any surprises suddenly had to spit out. Because that smple was really strong. :) Then it got lower in strenght, more colorful and more tasty as we moved on to older malts.

Then we moved to the next destillary, Ardbeg,  At the last one, Laphroaig, we had our lunch. Now the weather had become a bit better.  I bought myself a bottle at the second destillary. The barrel on the image was the coolest thing we saw this day.

Done with the whisky we left and drove along birding along Loch Indaal. Stoped at an inlet looking for seals and birds. And talked to a biking swedish couple. Here we also spotted some seals again and three otters. They are quite fun to watch.

 We had planned to go to Oa, the south point, but the weather was still misty so we headed north again. We also visited an old church ruin that we were passing by.

Arrived at the hotel Harbour Inn in Bowmore at 15.45. Surprisingly early. I took a stroll around the city center to chck for some whisky syrup but did not fine any. Then I went back to the hotel, I took a cup of coffee and went to sleep for an h. Then worked a bit on the internet before going to dinner at 18.55 at a nearby hotel. This meal took only 2h. Much better. This restaurant was better still. It has an interesting view. As our dinner progressed we could see the tide going out and revealing the stone circle.

Then the birdlist at the other hotel lounge where Ola stays. Back to my room at 22.15. Fixed a blogpost for WBW and wrote this. It is past midnight and I am going to bed. There were a program about Simon (Garfunkel) about an album called Graceland. Quite interesting.

Tomorrow is sleeping morning. Breakfast at 8 before going to Jura at 9
120701-04 Harbour Inn, Bowmore Islay http://www.harbour-inn.com/

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Birding at Bridgend forest, then whisky day.
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birding in Loch Indaal
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  1. Wonderful trip. Thanks for all the info!

  2. the tree is beautiful. and the whiskey tasting sounds like a lot of fun.:p

  3. A wonderful trip indeed! Sounds and looks like such fun! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great week!

  4. Love those distillery tours. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. I agree with you--that barrel is really cool!

  6. Sounds like a great tour, you have done a great trip report. I do love the tree, it is a beauty! Great post and photos.

  7. I'm surprised you could see anything after tasting all that whisky!

  8. Mmm... I do like single malt whisky!

    That last shot is lovely.

  9. What a fun trip! Visits to distilleries are always interesting.

  10. What a great trip in beautiful Scotland. That whiskey sounds like fun

  11. thanks everyone. Glad you liked it.


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