120707 Skottland-Scotland , day 14 Saturday to Linlithgow

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120707 Saturday, day 14 to Linlithgow
Woke up at 6.30 for a morning session to try to see the Grey Wagtail (forsärla). We started out in a nearby park without success.  Later on we did see two juvies on the bank of a strem but so far off I could not get a shot. However we did spot a curlew and a few warblers too. It was a nice morning and I got some shots of a gorgeous bridge. Another shot of it HERE

Breakfast at 9. I had the clerk to pick up my suitcase as I would not carry it down the stairs with the narrow steps and awful, thick, carpet, and over the graveled backyard. I felt a bit bad about it as, today, a woman was working. Took a last look out the window and the harbour hosting the sailing ship Arctic Penguing.

I had a short moment to visit a giftshop and to study the Inveraray Jail that was located next to the George Hotel. We left the hotel  at 10.15. and headed north alongside the Loch Lomonds left shore before turning east towards the historical interesting town Stirling. To my surprise we made a stop for coffee at Ben-more Lodge around 11h. Then we made a stop at Kilmahog and River Leny. And now it started to rain a lot. It seemed to be a place with very long history. And we did see a dipper. :) The shot to the right is probly remains from early woll production.

Dipper - Strömstare
We continued and now it was raining for the rest of the day. We made a short detour to find Lake Katrine but it was not much for us to see.
Then Ola provided us with the next surprise, lunch at Lade Inn, at a quater to two. Maybe the rain made him hungry. :) Or we were lacking birds to look for in the rain.
Arriving at Linlithgow we had some trouble finding our way as the passage below a train track was flooded and closed. It has been a lot of rain in Scotland lately and there are floods here and there. Wheather forcast is bad for the coming days. Maybe it´s good we are going home tomorrow. If the weather allows it.

Arrived at 17.20 after an extra detour because of a flooded road. The hotel has a quite sprctacular view, even in rain.
There was some trouble with the rooms and the guy with the single room had to share it with two others.

I was supposed to connect to the internet before dinner but the clerk was missing and the guy in the bar had no clue or where to find the pw for the internetconnection. He looked everywhere and phoned lots of people. Without success. Then when we gave up the clerk came. She had to go home because of a sick dog without telling anyone.  But she too didn´t know where the pw was. Finally she called another person and then they realised the pw was on the back side or the computer. Phew! Finally online. Is noone using their wifi?

Dinner at 19.30. Had a rib-eye and a glas of wine.

The last birdlist was done and everybody is still sitting in the lounge. Quite nice place to sit in.

From the hotel garden

120707 Bonsyde House Hotel, Linlithgow http://www.bonsydehouse.co.uk/
Tomorrow morning bus to be loaded 7.45.  Breakfast at 8.00.  Then off to the airport.


  1. Lovely captures of your lovely world! I do love the last shot with the raindrops!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with Sylvia that last photo is a real gem.

  3. I agree with Sylvia that last photo is a real gem.

  4. Sorry, the rain and floods messed up the end of your tour. The photos are wonderful and I love the view from the hotel. Is it the dipper you have pictured in your post or another bird. Thanks for sharing your trip report. Have a safe trip home.

  5. So lovely - especially the last shot.

  6. Lovely shots!
    Those water drops look like jewels.

  7. i love the stonework in the 2nd photo. the last pic is beautiful.

  8. Beautiful post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. I love the moss in the second pic! Rain is not so nice on a trip, but it makes for wonderful photos! Have a safe trip home:)

  10. Love all these scenes, but especially love the structure in the second photo and the droplets in the last photo are magical!

  11. I love the moss on stone
    and all the green!
    and the water droplets are so lovely

  12. Jag tycker nog att alla bilder som du visar i din blogg är fantastiska. Men idagens tema så blir jag nog mest fäst vid bilden som föreställer en grind . För att det är så vacker med den lummiga mossan.
    Ha en bra onsdag!

  13. too bad about all the rain, but it gave your wonderful pix and added something.....so, thanx for taking us along with your interesting journal and pix

  14. That trip sounds great -- weather wouldn't bother me too much (used to it).....beautiful pix, thank you for taking me along.

  15. I love that photo of the rose in the rain!!

  16. it would've been hard for me to walk away from that second shot in a hurry. Photos from every angle to take home with me; what a beautiful scene...

  17. Beautiful pics! The second one is just amazing!


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