120708 Skottland-Scotland , day 15 Sunday Going back home

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120708 Sunday, day 15  going home
Woke up at 5.00. way to early but I´m not surprised. Tried to go to sleep again but at 6.30 I got up and started the computer.

Finished packing and am now just wasting time. A bunch of finches is chasing each other outside the window. (Bofinkar leker tafatt. :) And the usual assortment of house finches and starlings.  ) It seems to be another rainy day but today I don´t mind. It is good if it is a bit chilly when one travels.

Breakfast was supposed to be served at 8.00h but the staff did not arrive until 8.05. So, there we were, waiting. And we had a deadline. A plane to catch. What are they thinking?
120708 leaving   Bonsyde House Hotel, Linlithgow http://www.bonsydehouse.co.uk/ at 9.10 for the trip to the airport in Edingburgh. Going home. No traffic jam today so we were at the airport in good time. Everything worked nice and smoothly today.

120708 Flight Edingburgh - Arlanda, Stockholm 12.40 - 15.50 ( Flight SK 2542)
NF Photo 120708
 The Forth Rail Bridge from the aircraft
I said goodby to everyone on Arlanda then picked up my car to go home. On my way to Stockholm it started to poor down really heavily. I had to slow down to be able to see anything. Closing in to Södertälje it started to ease up a bit and when I stoped at my daughters appartment the rain had stoped. It was nice to see my family, a daughter and my two grandchildren. Not kids anymore but grownups. I stayed for an hour having something to eat and then I continued south to my own town. Made a stop on the road as there was some watervapor from rain glowing in the setting sun.
Back home again, this adventure is over. Only unpacking and writing still remains.
Back in Sweden NF Photo 120708
Some thoughts from the trip. Scotland is a beautiful country. At least the part of it I visited. I had hoped for some more of the highlands but that will be for another trip. What I did not like on this trip was the unprofessional behavior of the staff on most hotels at the desk and restaurants. No complaints about cleaning or so. They obviously did not know how to treat a guest. Of course this don´t go for all of them. There was a few good ones as well.

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  1. Gillar dina Skottlandsbilder. Det ser ut att ha varit mycket regn, men så vackert när ljuset kommer fram...
    Svar: Jag använder hederliga Photoshop och leker med deras Artisticfilter.....


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