120706 Skottland-Scotland , day 13 Friday Isle of Seil

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120706 Friday, day 13  Isle of Seil
Woke up at 7.00 for breakfast at 7.30. In this area they say half seven when they mean half past seven, Very confusing. Could make a person come an h late. :(

The computer did not want to cooperate this morning. Could not log in it said. Then it refused to do anything. I could not even shut it off. And I had no screwdriver to be able to remove the battery. Had to leave it as it was, hoping the battery would drain and shut down the computer.

The room is lousy and at breakfast everyone got two of everything instead of what one ordered. If you order one egg you get two. Gosh, Im annoyed.

We left at 8.30 for todays drive around some lakes. Mostly a scenic day following the east side of Loch Awes. Spending most of the day in the car stopping here and there. A little sunshine but mostly dull.

First stop was at a small stream hoping to see some Grey Wagtail (fors ärla) or dipper. But we did not see any. We met some people that had seen a family of Ospreys. We turned back a bit to try to see if we could find it. Well, we didn´t but we got a good view of the lake. And we  heard a Common Grasshopper Warbler (gräshoppssångare) singing in some bushes. Impossible to see but we heard it for a long period of time.

Then we went back to follow the lake south. And, we met with a truck. On that road. Guess what we did? We had to reverse our car for a long bit before finding a place where we could let the truck pass by. We made another stop at a place that was very nice. Leacainn Muir Forest Drive according to an Information Sign. There was some bluberries too that one could taste.

An other stop at a medow because Ola saw a Grey Wagtail (fors ärla). There we also found Common Redpoll (gråsiska), Spotted flycatcher (grå flugsnappare) and Common Whitethroat (törnsångare). Think I got shots of the flycatcher and the warbler.

We had lunch at a place called Cuilfail hotel. Quite nice. Lunch was done at 14.25. Then we had a stop at a bridge, Clachan Bridge. Crossing over to Isle of Seil I think. Nice place showing the low tide and then a double decker bus came on the bridge. Some nice shots of a grey heron too.


Isle of Seil
 At 15.00h we headed for a small village called Isle of Seil. Beautiful rocks and cliffs and a fair for local art. I liked it a lot. Now the weather turned really hot. Nice for a change.  This afternoon I kind of felt like a tourist instead of a birder. :)

We also had time to visit Oban for 45 min (left Oban at 17.15), before heading back to Inveraray and dinner at the hotel. I had chicken again. And then the birds list was rather short today. We did it sitting at the dinnertable as there was no other suitable place for it.

Sitting in the Pub again. Accessing Internet as the computer was OK again when I started it up. This time I had choosen a place in a corner as there was somebody entertaining. And it is really loud. I was talking to my daughter on Skype but it was almost impossible to hear anything. Now the guy is starting to sing and play again so I will go back to the room. Auch, my ears is in pain. :(

Morning birding at 7 tomorrow. Last day before going home.

120705-06 The George Hotel, Inveraray http://www.thegeorgehotel.co.uk/


  1. Flott bilde, - perfekt til himmelsk!

  2. Nydelige bilder!
    Du er dyktig!

  3. Takk for turen, fuglene og den vakre broen.
    Ha en god kveld :-)


  4. Moody, beautiful, dramatic skies and great captures for the day!! Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I hope the other days of your holiday were better!!

  6. Beautiful scenery!

    y Skywatch
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Flotte billeder du viser.
    Ønsker dig en god week-end:)
    Hanne Bente

  8. Great reflection at Oban.

  9. Wow, this must have been quite day... Thanks for sharing this nice journey. It must have been difficult to choose the pictures to illustrate it : everything looks so pretty ! You were lucky to see all those birds.

    Nice reflection on the last picture : this little town looks lovely.

  10. What a lovely town, the views are beautiful. Except for the loudness, sounds like a great day. I enjoyed your trip report. Have a great weekend!

  11. sounds like a beautiful trip and I love your so nice impressions !!

    best regards,


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