120705 Skottland-Scotland , day 12 Thursday Mull of Oa

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120705 Thursday, day 12  Mull of OA and Ferry
Woke up at 5 but managed to slumber again. Then woke up at the clock 7.25. Started packing for todays move. Breakfast at 8 as usual. Paid my bill and get myself ready and packed. It is a fine morning and looks promising for the first trip down to The Mull of Oa.

The trip to Oa was really a hit. It was a rather pleasant walk in a gorgeous country. The only backdraw was that it was wet so my shoes got wet too. The ground was a thick layer of moss and contained a lot of water. Soft, wet and slippery.  It was best to keep to the path.

A lot of long horns was kept in the fenced area. Curious about us. It was steep so one had to be careful. There was some fences right at the edge. I wonder how they built it. Can´t be of much use if a cow comes too close. 

Birds was far out as usual, or down, in this case. But this was a great place for a photographer. Near the edge to the ocean was a gorgeous view in all directions. We all took our time just enjoing ourselves.

 We saw a Peregrine Falcon (pilgrimsfalk) today and a lot of Fulmars (stormfågel), cows and seals. And a goat. There were also some Gannets passing by. The Fulners was really goodlooking as they swept by the black rocks and sparkling water. Or clinging on nest at the side of the cliffs.

At the highest point was a memorial again. A tower, American Monument. Great view over the ocean there too. Then it was time to return to the car. All to soon I think most of us thought.


We had lunch at 13.30 in a nearby village. I had Panini with ham and Brie cheese. It was a bit burned so the bread had a bad taste. Otherwise good. Done eating at 15.20. It was a nice restaurant and they had a very pleasing restroom.

Then we spent some time looking at a memorial statue in Port Ellen close to the ferry. We had some more time before we should embark the ferry so we went to the other side of the bay for a walk towards the lighthouse.


cave at Port Ellen

The others went ahead as I had seen something I´d like to take some shots of. It was quite nice to just stroll a bit. Shooting a wader, some oystercatcher and flowers and whatever I found. I saw a cave but did not have the time to investigate it.
Ferry departure was at 17.55 in Port Ellen. A bit early. Guess it goes when all cars are loaded. The trip was amazing. Soo many birds. So much fun. Can´t wait to see the shots. We arrived at Kennacraig at 20.20h and then headed to Inveraray and George Hotel which took about an hour.
Two Gannets passing by.

We arrived to Inveraray at 21.30 and I got a room far away from everything. I´m the maiden in the tower waiting for her prince. I just lack the long hair. They gave me a room in an other building. Had to cross a stony garden with the suitcase. Luckily they carried it as they had to show me the way. I´m on the 3:d floor. A windling staircase with an old thick carpet. Scary to walk on. I was happy I did not carry the suitcase. My bathroom is in the hallway. At least I don´t have to share it. I took a quick shower and uploaded todays shots to the computer. 

No working internet in the room so now I am sitting in a noisy pub with my hair wet and I will shot this down as soon as I´m done. I was accompanied by Sture and Ola for a while and I showed Sture what I was doing as he asked me once before. Now Ola asked me if I wanted to send him some shots for the short rapport. Sure, can do that.

I went back to the room and made me a cup of coffe. I had to sit in the bed drinking it a there was no chair and no table. :(  Made some additional notes and set the computer to charge. And went to bed.

Breakfast tomorrow will be at 7.30.
120705-06 The George Hotel, Inveraray http://www.thegeorgehotel.co.uk/

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Svensk dagbok
Mull of Oa
Port Charlotte
Evening Ferry 18.00 from Port Ellen to Kennacraig, 20.20

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  1. Love those long horns!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. amazing views! the gannets are beautiful--terrific shot! i love the color and texture of the rock/cave.

  3. Beautiful scenery - it sounds like a place I would really like to visit.

  4. Awesome scenery and what a great trip you must have had! I, too, love those LONG horns! Wonderful captures of your world!! Enjoy your week!

  5. This is an amazing tour that you are doing although some of it seems a bit of an ordeal with the accomodation!

  6. Lovely scenic shots and the long horns are cool looking. My favorite is of the Gannets flying by. Great report and photos. Have a happy week ahead.

  7. thanks. Glad you liked it. :)

  8. Wonderful shots! Great adventure you are having. Have fun and stay safe. :)

  9. wow, fantastic photos and a nice way to start a day too..

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  10. The scenery is utterly gorgeous - as are your photos.

  11. This is worth the trip (even when your feet get wet:) ) an we are getting your daily journal - thank you!

  12. These are all lovely images but the last one is outstanding. The water looks so amazingly still.


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