Costa Rica 110131 Monday Arenal - Heliconia


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up 05.00 to check on Arenal.
6.30 breakfast and bags at the bus
First stop today will be Arenal Observatory Lodge.
I woke up before the clock started the alarm. I went up quietly to look through the window. At first I thought that Cirius was the volcano. :) But realised my mistake. Then my room mate came up too and we went outside the door to the balcony or boardwalk area. We had a great view from there. Sadly enough there was some clouds and the volcano top was all black. Even  when the clouds were gone. No signs of vulcanic activity, not even the tube helped. Well, even if we did not see any lavaflows, it was still a great morning. The moon and Venus was captured and the rising of the sun. People started to come out and after a while there were 8 persons outside our room.

Arenal at 6:40 in the morning. Hotel Linda Vista

Before breakfast I had spotted some cowbirds, swallows and thrushes. As I was busy I forgot about the suitcase and it ended up inside the bus instead of on the roof.

We had our breakfast and were ready to depart at 7.15. We were not going that far as we should spend the morning hours at Arenal Observatorium Lodge

So, back again on that small bumpy road. It was already hot when we arrived at the Lodge.Today we need aor water bottles for sure.
We spent some time at the balcony and the feeders. There were some nice birds, Montezuma Oropendola, among them. And Arenal as background view. There were butterflies too. I found a descent map at the turist info desk and grabbed it.

Montezuma Oropendola

After a while we all went out to walk in the forest. There was not so many birds but a Great Crested-Flycatcher showed off for a while. But there were butterflies, mushrooms and other things to look at. We also had some students walking after us. Apparently wondering what we were doing. It took a long while before they decided to pass our group. Almost forgot, there were  some trees with a remarkebly beautiful trunks. Took some shots of course.

Unknown tree species in Arenal. NF Photo 110131
Back into the garden we studied hummingbirds and hermits. And Banana quit. Rufus tailed? also gave a performance. As did some butterflies. Then we spend a bit more time at the balcony before we took the bus down town for lunch. It was the same place as yesterday. In Fortuna and the same bar. I started to think it was too many dinners so I took my banana from the breakfast and went to the little park to eat it and to shoot some pics. I also mended my backpack as the zipper was broken. And I also had time to visit a small shop and bought a t-shirt and a rainponcho that hopefully is more soft then my old one. In the park was nice flowers and some hummingbirds. Had some fun with it.

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird in La Fortuna, NF Photo 110131
The Road to Heliconia passed by Upala. Along the road we saw different things. After a couple of h people wanted to rest a bit so we stoped. I saw a new butterfly  and a Bare-throated Heron. And Ani of course.
We arrived at Heliconia Lodge at 15.30. We were supposed to take a first walk in the forest at 16.00h but then it rained. And I mean RAINED, hard. So we had to wait a while. This is mostly showers so it did not last long. The path was pretty well done and had about 5 narrow hanging bridges. They were much narrower then the once we walked before.

We were supposed to look for motmot. We heard one, but did not see it. HG and Herman did their best to lure it out of hiding, but no.  We did see a nice pygme owl in the dark. Herman had a tourch-light with him so we could see it. But I did not get any photo. We were back at the Lodge at 18.10. A quick shower and then dinner. I had kotlett that was cut across the pig so it formed as a t-bone steak. It tasted well. I sat with Herman and Carlos. But Carlos don´t speak english. :(

Today it was a bit earlier so the species checking was done at 20.00.

Our room was a single cabin. It looked good t first and the shower was OK. But then we realised there was not  even a chair to sit on. Or any place to hang cloths. They had to stay in teh suitcase. I washed up some thigns but I doubt they will dry. It is too wet up here. And not many lightbulbs.
I wrote todays story and then I went to bed. Brita alredy sleeping.

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  1. Så mysiga fåglar och fin natur!

    När man ser det på bild så ser det jättehärligt ut. Vi som tittar, upplever ju inte alla strapatser för att ta sig hit och dit.

  2. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. beautiful...I have always wanted to visit Costa Rica...Thanks for taking me there for a short time today!

  4. Fantastic photos. Perhaps I'll get there some day ;-)

  5. Great trip report on your day in Costa Rica. I love all the birds.

  6. What a delightful trip you've taken us on! And your photos are superb as always! Such a gorgeous place! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


  7. tres beau photo reportage, cela fait rever

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  8. oh, good thing there were no lava flows. it is an amazing sight but very scary. i enjoyed your post and photos.


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