Costa Rica 110201 Tuesday, Heliconia

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Morning walk 5.45
Breakfast 7.00
Lunch and Vulcano Tenorio area

We canceled the morning walk as it had been raining hard all night. Did not seem to be a good idéa to walk on slippery forest paths in the dark. But I heard later that the guides had been out looking for motmot.

Breakfast was late as the staff did not show up. However tasty when it finally was served.
Done with eating we walked to the other side of the lodge. It was a shorter path and took only an h. We were back at the lodge at 10.00. During that walk I managed to get a photo of Nightinggale wren and HG was happy, he wants it for the travel rapport.

Back at the lodge we found a small turtle at the stairs to one of the first cabins. A cute one. How it ended up on a step...well I have no clue. Then there were some time for garden birding. Birds, spiders and other cool things.

As we had time we went back to the path from yesterday afernoon. But took another turn to avoid the hanging bridges. It was steep and slippery and I was not too happy about it. I had some exercising ache in my legs and back and my foot did not like it either. Ater an h HG said that they were to go back the same way so those, like me, that wanted to start going back could do so. So, I turned. And was happy because after a little while there were some nice butterflies right in front of my nose. And gorgeous flowers in a spot of sunshine. This took a while, of course, so I had not come far until the others joined in on the way back down.

I have no idéa of what specis it is. If anyone know, please tell me in a comment.

Lunch was ordered to 12.00 but was, again, delayed until 13.00 as another group of guests arrived for dinner at 12. Strange, we who stayed the night was obviously not that important. :( I don´t know if this was because it seemed to be  a cooperative and different people every day. And then poor comunication between them. Well, spent the time garden birding!

The air was very humid and, a bit chilly now, so I decided to hang my washed clothes on a bench outside the room, hoping they would dry then. But they didn´t.

After lunch we took the bus to the area around Volcano Tenorio. It was quite intresting. Bumpy roads, stopping now and then to walk a bit. We saw woodpeckers, a sweet little piculet and jacanas. We also spotted Nicaragua Lake. I got a few good shots of the Olivaceous Piculet, and I think Herman did as well.
 Olivaceous Piculet

Back at the lodge I took a well needed shower and washed aditional clothes. Without hope to be able to dry it.

Dinner was served at 19.00h and I took beef. But that was not as good as the pork yesterday. Another chef maybe?
They have a good tasting lemanad here. It is white. Herman told me it is made by Guanabana fruit. Whatever that is, it is tasty.

After dinner it was time to go through todays species. It was rather dark as they don´t have that much electricity. But we managed.

Back at the room I discovered a lot of tiny ants walking on my bed. What the h...? They were heading for the bag with peanuts I had in a mugg. Now I had to take all bedding out to shake of all ants. And get rid of the peanuts. It was still raining outside.

We had found a large butterfly on the veranda. It was probably cold as it was haradly moving. We took some shots on it. And I coudl spread it´s wings so we could see the beautiful markings beneath the upper ones.
Had to adjust the time setting on my 500D, it was set for Panama time. The first memory card on 8 GB is full.
Wrote todays notes and went to bed at 23.00

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  1. Wow, you have so many blogs, a real nature-lover, I see. I'm following your blog. For me it is difficult to get shots of animals since I'm only using a compact digital camera, so I can photograph only the slow, big animals. That makes me happy.


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