Costa Rica 110211 Friday Copal o Tetey

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Woke up at 5 for an early cup of coffee  and some morning birding. My bed was a bit hard but I slept good none the less. And the room mate, that was supposed to be snoring, turned out to be not disturbing at all. The only trouble was to get up and down as we had three suitcases in that small space. I hope I did not drop anything through the gaps in the floor.
The kitchen staff, two beautiful local females, served us a cup of coffe. Then we headed into the forest.  I figured out why we were up so early all the time. It´s because the birds get quiet around 10. It was so dark when we headed out that we needed the flashlights.  And I only had that small one. Well, better then nothing. We went to the right side of the building.

Breakfast at 7.30 and then we went the same path we was on yesterday. We found some tiny lizards and a tiny frog that was hard do see it was a frog.

We were back at lunchtime. But had a while to capture some more snowcaps and butterflies. The bags should be packed and put down for the car to catch. I put it down and the tube too. But they did not take it. So I should be forced to carry it all the way down to the bus. I never understood why they brought it up in the first place. I did not need it. Well, I complained so Herman took it down. :)

On our way to the last lodge we were visiting a dam where a pair of Bat Falcons lived. They had been there for several years. At least they thought it was the same pair. They were gone for two years I think. But when we continued we got trouble. We were to pass a bridge over the river but they had changed it. Ading some suportive frame on it so the bus was to high. We had to turn around and drive around the lake instead of across. Einar was pissed of course and we lost birding time. We had to drive straight to the next lodge. Tetey Lodge. Getting there it turned out that HG Herman and Einar was staying in an other hotel. The place where we were supposed to eat a little later.

Brita and Karin went to find a shop and returned with cans of beer. So we sat in the lobby drinking beer and chatting when the bus arrived to pick us up.

We were picked up at19.00. It was not far. Food was good but the trouble started when people should pay. Because this was not included. Took a lot of time to sort out. :)

After dinner we used the VIP room for the birdlists. And then was driven back to our lodge.

This lodge had computers and they also gave me a user and pw so I could connect mine. Gave me an opportunity to send the diary to my self by mail. Always great to have a backup.

It is now 22.29 and I am going to bed. We are waking up at 5 again. Outside it is noisy. Lots of traffic and loud teens. What a difference to earlier.

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  1. Den ödlan ser verkligen mystisk ut i sina kamoflagefärger. Trodde det var en gren.....


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