111002 Falsterbo sunday

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111002 Falsterbo sunday
I woke up at 6.30 and ready for breakfast at 7.00h.
It was a very misty morning and becuse of that we did not really hurry. At 8.00 we left for Falsterbo. Close to the Lighthouse we parked the car. Because of the weather we walked among the old houses in the area. Some was abandoned with a lot of spiderwebs and a bit spooky. The mist made them full of waterdroplets. And quite beautiful. There was not many birds.
Spidernet with droplets in the mist.

We passed the old ruin of Falsterbohus on our walk. Heard a few birds in the mist but didn´t really see them. But a lone gull was standing at the shore looking out to the misty ocean.
At 10 we was welcomed to a presentation of Falsterbo Lighthouse and the Bird Observatory situated there. It was very interesting and we was also shown a few birds that had been caught in the nets for banding. A lot of research is done at the Observatory and Karin Persson, one of the management, explained a lot. We are coming back tomorrow for another session. Some birds are HERE

Karin Demonstrated that the beak is not that sharp as one can think. And, this is probably the closest to a Sparvhök / Sparrowhawk I will ever come.

We had our picnic lunch at a small hillock, close to the observatory, that normally was a great spot for watching migrating raptors and other birds. But not today.
As it was still foggy and no weather for birding we left to see a museum in Kämpinge. A lot of the areas marine history was displayed and also a lot of amber products. It was quite interesting. Outside of the building I spotted a few pheasants and some Rooks. The Rook was new to me as they only live in that southern part of Sweden.
In the afternoon the others decided that a visit to a local café was in order. And the, finally, the sun came out. We left the café and went to a place called Knävången. We walked along a dirtroad and saw a huge amount of Barnacle Goose.  And a couple of raptors too.

At 17.00h we were back at our Falsterbo Kursgård i Höllviken for dinner. Followed by checking the birdlist for today.

Gluttsnäppa - Common Greenshank
After dinner I took a walk along the coast as it was just on the other side of the road and easy to go to. There was some vaders and some ducks. And also a few illuminated statues I wanted to see.  

Then I got the computer online and wrote a bit and checked my mail. And then....sleep!

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Från Kortrapporten:
Frukost kl 0700, avfärd 0750. I total dimma. Det är så dålig sikt att vi över huvud taget inte bryr oss om att gå ut på Nabben. I stället går vi en runda vid Falsterbohus – och noterar att det är överraskande fågeltomt. Så småningom lyckas vi få kontakt med några gransångare och kungsfåglar.

Vid Falsterbo fyr hälsas välkomna av Karin Persson som ger oss en mäkta intressant tvåtimmars föredragning om fågelevolution, flyttning, ringmärkning och allt vad där till hör. Illustrerat med kartor, fågelbilder, diagram, spybollar, fågelbon, ringar och inte minst fåglar som ringmärks framför våra uppspärrade ögon. Rödhake, järnsparv, kungsfågel, gransångare och sparvhök är bland de fåglar Karin plockar ur sina påsar och visar oss. Suverän fågelpedagogik! Dessutom osedvanligt välplanerat i den täta dimman!

I dimman passar vi så på att göra bärnstensmuseet i Kämpinge, en naturaliesamling av guds nåde och en klart udda institution. Vackra bärnstenar finns det hur som helst och en gammal totalblekt skrattmås får stå för fågelpedagogiken.

Kaffe på Annas bageri och nu börjar solen titta fram från en allt blåare himmel. Vi kör ut på Knävången och tröskar igenom 5 000 vitkindade gäss utan att hitta någon med röd hals. Vi deppar inte för det utan njuter i fulla drag av de svartvita, vackra gässen framför oss. Några unga och gamla prutgäss ingår i flockarna.
Magnus Ullman
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Dragonfly in Costa Rica 110202

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NF Photo 100202 In Solimar, Costa Rica
I have no idéa what dragonfly this is, but it was large and I found it in the kitchen, where the lunch was served, of the ranch Solimar.
Jag har ingen aning om vad detta är för trollslända. Men den var stor. Jag hittade den i serveringsrummet för vår lunch i Solimar.
NF Winged #18
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My Watery World - Falsterbo

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NF Photo 111003, Falsterbo Lighthouse in morning mist
NF Photo 111004 view from the Lighthouse Tower

NF Photo 111004 Ducks at the sand-reef
Det här var min lilla värld för några dagar i början av oktober. Allt från kall dimma till solsken fick vi uppleva.
This was my world for a few days in the beginning of oct. We had everything from cold heavy mist to summer sunshine.
More about Falsterbo  here:
Falsterbo on NF Photo

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111001 Falsterbo, Saturday

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111001 Traveling day - Resan ner
I am tired after yesterdays work with my daughters move. But I woke up at 5.50 instead of 7.00. So, I turned the computer on and posted a bird on the Costa Rican blog.

As there are no busses at that time on a saturday morning I had to walk to the station. So I left at 8.00. I got some cash at ICA supermarket and then went down town. I was down in good time so I had time to check on some people sitting in the square.

The train arrived as sceduled. I had met one of the ladies on the platform. She was coming from Karlstad and should go on the same trip as I. We made company to Norrköping where we had to change train and then had different seats the rest of the way to Lund. There were a lot of mist along the way but as we arrived at Lund it cleared up and became a summers day so I was too warm clothed.

We all met and it turned out that my roomate was not coming so I got a single room. I don´t mind about that.  So, we was only 5 persons with the guide. M Ullman. We headed south and stoped at a parking lot at Skanörs Ljung. It was still not clear but there was raptors in the sky. We found some rare ones and everyone was happy. Soon after we went out of the car we spotted a Greater Spotted Eagle (större skrikörn). I can´t say I really saw it because it was too far away. A Short-toed Eagle (Ormörn) was also in the air as was Red Kite (rödglada).  Not a bad start  for the trip.
Ormörn - Circaetus gallicus - Short-toed eagle
NF Photo 111001 at Skanörs Ljung and I really wished I had a lens with stabilizer. Our guide had one and I was envious of him. Well, at least I got a shot of  the bird.

Around 15.00 some of us were thinking a lot about a coffee break so we went looking for some place to get it. We found Annas bakery and everyone was happy. Then we headed for the ocean at Ängsnäset. We birded for a while and then strolled back. A Common Kestrel (tornfalk)sat in a treetop far away. Looking great in the light of the setting sun.  There was a lot of birches with peculiar shapes and then sand dunes. The sun was setting as we headed back it had become misty here and there. Quite beautiful.

Then we went to Falsterbo conference center to get  the rooms. As it was saturday the staff was not there so we had to find the rooms and install ourselves. At 17.00 we headed for the restaurant and was served a good dinner. Then we did the first bird list for this trip. When we left the restaurant it was getting dark but I took a walk at the beach. There was some lighted statues I wanted to check out.

Back to my room I connected to Internet with my laptop, there was no problem doing that, but it is slow.

Went to bed at 23.00h and have to go up at 6.40 for breakfast at 7.00.