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Breakfast at 6 as usual. Today are leaving Teton to go to Yellowstone NP. Even if Teton NP is marvellous Yellowstone is what I waited for. This was our first rainy day.
Last view of Teton Range seen from inside the car.

A Grizzly Bear

Rather soon after our departure from Colter Bay we encountered a lot of cars standing on the road. What was going on? We found that they were looking for a grizzly bear in the bushes below the road. It was hard to see at first but then it came out. It was a big and fat one. Ready for winter I believe.
Every time we encountered wildlife close to the road guards appeared from out of nowhere. Trying to keep both wildlife and people safe. That was not an easy task as people wanted to get close to the animals and sometimes did not obey the orders to keep a safe distance to the animals.

Last image, below, shows how the fires has effected the forest. The grizzly at the botom of the image.

Lining up for tickets.
We continued up north passing the South Entry to Yellowstone NP  and now we were entering the actual Volcanic Caldera.

First stop inside the park was at Lewis Falls and Lake.

Me and the Continental Divide.

Then, on my request we made a short photo stop at the Continental Divide sign. I have a shot at that location from my first trip 24 years ago and wanted one this time as well. So this is me holding the sign. And, as you can see we had the first snow.
Elevation 7988 equals 2435m above ocean level

And I think I stop there for today. Next one up will be West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Burnt forest and the grizzly.

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Yellowstone 170929 Exploring Grand Teton NP 2 Moose and other things Menors Ferry Historic District

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Done with Mormon Row we drove to a place called Menors Ferry Historic District. This was an old ferry passing the Snake River.

 But we went to the right and followed the river upwards. And soon enough we spotted a moose cow with a young. Quite hard to see among the high vegetation but still. They did not seem worried about our presence as after a while they laid down to rest. And we left the place not to disturb them further.

In the location there was also shops and other facilities. So some of us took the opportunity to have a cup of coffee at Dornans.

Well, I was windowshopping at Craig Thomas Discovery and visitor center, and figured it is always nice to know that you too are on the trip. So, a selfie in the window to the shop proves it and shares a bit of the surrounding as well. One of my companions and then Teton Range.

Next stop was close to Teton Village where a smaller river crossed the road we were travelling.

On the mountain were a Mountain Resort with people paragliding down the mountain side.

Close to Wilson Boat ramp we found a nice place for lunch. And just a short path down to the Snake River and the Teton Range.

After our late lunch we drove east and passed through Jackson Hole and then all the way up to Colter Bay and the motell. We had a short brake before we headed out again.

We met again at 16.30 for a sunset tour and late dinner at Signal Mountain Lodge.

Late sun shines on the treetops. 

Signal Mountain Lodge, Jackson Lake and Teton Range

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Yellowstone 170929 Exploring Grand Teton NP 1

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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Waking up early for breakfast as usual on a trip. We met for departure at 6.45.

On my request we made a quick stop overlooking the misty sunrise over Jackson Lake.

Then we continued to, once again, stop at Oxbow Bend with some mist over the river. It is really beautiful.

Oxbow bend the other direction, with mist over the water.

Barns of Mormon Row

Next stop, the event of the day, they said! Mormon Row Historic District. The old farm and the barns  in front of the Grand Teton. Also a "must" for every visitor
to the Grand Teton National Park. This was the reason why our Swedish guides was in stress. They had hoped for frost, mist and bison in front of the old farm.
We had frost, but no bison in sight. On a location like this it is pretty hard to "do anything unusual" that had not been seen and photographed before. And I´m too short to get a view where the old barn is framed by Grand Teton. Even with my arms in the air.

when done with the barns you can always find something else to photograph. (Don´t worry, these two were married)

Well with no bison to shot I had to settle for:

And with that I stop for today, will continue the day later on.

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Yellowstone 170928 2 Oxbow Bend, lunch and afternoon

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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LUNCH, everybody was hungry as we had no meal since 6 a´clock in the morning.
But before we got to Jenny Lake and picnic lunch,  we visited Oxbow Bend.
Oxbow Bend has a spectacular view over Cascade Canyon and Teton range. A must for every visitor to the area.

Our first picnic lunch was in a gorgeous sunshine setting overlooking Jenny Lake. With tablecloth and everything we enjoyed our lunch. The only thing I missed was a hot cup of coffee. But I managed. While the guides set the tables the rest of us explored the area. A great beach and view over Cascade Canyon competed with noisy grasshoppers and birds, Grey Jay, stealing whatever they could eat. Not to mention the squirrels family, chipmunks.

Me and fellow travellers.

 After the quite late lunch we headed for Jackson Lake and the dam.

Jackson Lake above the dam

We met a beautiful Mule deer and some people looking for a moose.

After a long day we arrived at the Jackson Lake Colter Bay Village and got our rooms in small cabins. Then dinner at 20.00 in the restaurant.

A cold shower, uploading my shots and then.....sleep.

Just to wake up again at 5.45 for breakfast.

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Yellowstone 170928 1 Morning Grand Teton sunrise, bison and so much more

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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We were awake at 06.00. for breakfast. And ready to leave the Ranch Inn at 6.45 to see the first light on the top of Grand Teton. It was a nice and slightly chilly morning. As we arrived at the viewpoint a lot of people was there already. So hard to get the reflection without people in the shot.

Next stop was at the Elk Ranch Flats where we saw a lot of bison. To begin with it was still cold enough to be frost in their fur. As we were there the herd was passing across the road to go to the area on the other side. And they were coming right at me. They wanted to cross an old fence which gave the young ones big trouble. I was in trouble too as they were too close for comfort. Hard to get great shots. And I did not know weather to stay or leave. But, they were only interested in crossing the fence. So I stayed put.  More images HERE

At the National_elk_refuge we were able to see a family of Trumpeter swans. Just a pity they were far away and mostly turned their back on us. I think I also have a Ring-necked duck in the photo.

Later on we were back to the Elk Flat Ranch
This time we also had great views of  a herd of  Pronghorn antelope. One male frenetically trying to keep the herd together.

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Well, I stop here or the post will be too long. Next post...Lunch!

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Yellowstone 170927 A loooooong day

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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This was a really looong day as I travelled from Arlanda, Sweden to Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA. Going there is following the rotation of the Earth so it was a loong day even if your watch told you otherwise.
We took off at Arlanda at 06.30 and landed in Jackson at 14,55.  Seems like a bit more then 8h 25 min.  Not much really.

ARN -  AMS was 2h 10 min
going through procedures 1h 50 min
AMS-SLC said to be 2h 46 min. In real time it was 10h 46 min Due to time difference.
going through costume in SLC a little more then an 1h
SLC to Jackson 1h 5 min
Mostly on time except for Arlanda when we were delayed due to fog in Amsterdam.

So, from ARN at 6.30 to Jackson at 14.55, both local times, 8h 25 min. In reality it was approx
17h, flight time was 14h

And it was still afternoon so we did take a walk in Jackson before dinner and, finally some sleep.

Most of the trip was cloudy so despite having a windowseat I did not see much of the Atlantic or the USA mainland. But closing in to Salt Lake City the sun appeared. And Jackson welcomed us with a sunny afternoon. We visited the central park with an antler entry in every corner and I also visited an Art Gallery by an artist named JD Challenger. WOW, that was something I could have bought if I had a LOT of money.

Sitting in the sky looking down on Wyoming.

Entry to the park in Jackson Hole.  Made of deer and elk antlers

 View from my room at Jackson Ranch Inn.  A Ski slope.

A native artist

We gathered for dinner at 20.00h and went to a restaurang. Food was great and they had a bison in there. We was supposed to have a session where we presented each other but the place was too busy to do that.  Dinner took 2h so we were to tired to do it at the motell.

Being up for probably more then 24h it was good to finally go to sleep.

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Yellowstone 170926 Going to the airport

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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The sun sets as my train arrives

I love the globes hanging between the Cental Station and the Arlanda Bus terminal in Stockholm.

Decorations in one of the hallways at Arlanda Airport

The same hallways as above

I brought my laptop and pad to kill some time while waiting for departure.

© NF Photos 170906

As my first flight was leaving very early I spent the night at the airport.

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