150305 Varanger Norway, Katrineholm to Gardermoen. Oslo

Varanger, Norway 150305-150311 

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I woke up at 6 and started to get everything ready for departure.  My daughter wrote me that there were trouble with SJ, the trains, now. I´m going nuts L I don´t really want any more trouble after the plane got grounded. (Norwegian pilots on strike)  But it turned out ok and I could go with the bus and train as scheduled.  I had window seat but dirty windows. Sun shining.

In the seat in front of me 2 young women was travelling. Both with computers and rarely spoke. Unless they talked about something on the screens.  In fact almost everybody on the train was sitting with computers and, or, phones. 

I had prepared my meal for today and ate  a little before I arrived at Oslo S around 14,15h.

 I walked around for a bit to investigate how to behave when I shall return. Toilet cost money of  course. I did not want to exchange money for the few days of this trip. But I could buy something for the EURO I brought with me and that way get some coins.  I found the place where to buy tickets for the return ride. But the timetable was not great. Either an early bird or a night owl.

I had planned to stay 2h in Oslo but it seemed so boring, overcast weather and large streets in the nearby area,  so I took the bus to the airport. Did not really matter if I was bored in Oslo or the Gardermoen airport. 

On the bus to Gardermoen Airport I spotted some cool buildings. They would have been worth exploring I think.  Image taken from inside the bus. The driver called them "Bar Code buildings" or something like that. 

I was quite amazed by this set of indoor clouds. Looked cool. 

Now I´m writing and I found out a while ago I can check in the bag so I don´t have to worry about it during the night.

I always sleep on a bench at airports, it became a habit as planes always go early in the morning. But the chairs meant for resting in Gardermoen was located at the tunnels where to exit the airport and it was cold . Later on I found another place to stay until morning and the time to go through security.  Everything went well and I met with the group. 

Thirsty or hungry? You can always get a drink and something to eat in Gardermoen :)

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