Kvismaren and Hornborga Lake 130405 day one

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Today I was going to Hornborgasjön with a group called Rapphönan - Grey Partridge. It is a network for female birders. So, this is a few days when I will spend time with woman only. And birds of course.

I left my home about 9.00h friday morning to go to Kvismaren at first. That is a Bird Observatory about 1,5h by car from where I live. I stoped at the first lookout and was surprised. No men whatsoever but I found 3 woman birding. One of them is now  a friend on FB.
The park observatory area was filled with geeze. I  think I never seen that many geese at one time. Then a few swans and a Sea Eagle. But not much else.
I took this shot from the lookout and it is interesting to see the birds gathering where there was just a fraction of open water.
I took a cup of coffee and then I continued west.
Note. When I was going home on sunday evening the area was empty. Maybe ten geeze or so was there. All others left the area. Going north I assume.

I arrived at the Hostel, Herrtorps Qvarn, around 15.00h. It is a very beautiful place and I checked it out for a while and then had the lunch I brought with me. There should be birds in the stream bot for now I did not see any. This place is an old flour-mill.
I was supposed to meet with the group ar 18.00h so I took my car and went to check out the main area of Lake Hornborga Nature Reserve.  

I realized this is a very beautiful countryside and had to make several photo stops. :)  I was a bit disappointed as the lake was still covered with ice at that time. It means not many birds. But there was mute swans looking their best in the back light. :)

Naturum Hornborgasjön
Then it was time to go back to the Hostel, meet with the group and have dinner. After dinner we had a person talking about the area and it´s history and birds. Very nice.
I stayed in a room with 4 other woman. It was a bit cold in the room so I did not sleep well. But I did not mind as I realised I had a window bed and could see all stars through the window. A little like when I was little and in my grandparents house. :)


Oxelösund looking for Ring-Necked duck 130329

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NF Photo 130229, Oxelösund
I met one of the birders in my area on the library and he said there was a Ring-necked duck in Oxelösund. He seemed frustrated as he has no car. Well, we decided to go on Good Friday. The city is on the coast 1,5h drive east of where I live. We headed for the harbor where it had been seen.
This duck is very similar to the Tufted duck. So, at arrival, I immediately understood there will be a problem. How do you find ONE specific bird among thousands?
Well, the benefit of company is that you can do a little of other things while this guy checked out one Tufted duck after another. We also met a pair of my travel companions to CostaRica two years ago. They exchanged phone no so they could alert one another if they spotted the ringed one.
Lighthouse at Old Oxelösund
I had hoped to see some Eiders but I only found one. We changed location now and then and visited three places I had not been to before. I love that. First I check out the birds on the new location, then I left it to my companion and started to take shots instead. We visited 6 or 7 locations during the day without seeing the one we came for. Finally we had to leave.
You know what happened? Half way home his phone rang. They spotted the bird. lol, my friend wanted to turn back. Even considered abandon his family for Easter. But to turn back was no guarantee the bird would be there so we said we try again on Monday.

But there was no trip on Monday. All ducks had left, heading north and the ringed one was not seen again.
Harbour at Old Oxelösund
Oxelösund Horbour with lots of ducks where there is open water.
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