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I took these shots a year ago on my trip to Scotland. I meant to post the shadow shot for a year now. It is finally time to do it don´t you think? It is almost a one year anniversary.  And I still like the shot.

Shadow Shot Sunday    Weekend reflection


A trip to Tullgarn

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This day I went to the coast of the Baltic Sea with a friend of mine. It is about 2h drive to the first place we wanted to visit, Horns båtvarv. It is a small marina for leisure crafts. I´ve been there once before and if lucky the birding is good.
Barnacle goose
This day was rather lucky. A Common Redshank was agitated and seemed to tell us to leave. (The link goes to my birdblog.)  Lots of swallows in the air and also many Barnacle Goose (vitkindad gås). Some of them with young. We walked around enjoing the area. Birds and boats.
Then we continued up north to Trosa and Tullgarn Palace. It was my first visit to the palace. It seemed to be well maintained. The stable was turned into a restaurant so instead of horses eating there, people was. To bad we did not know it in advance. :)
We did not go inside the palace, we settled for the gardens and to check out the pools for the water cleaning system they have. We even found a birding tower located at the water. And a family of Golden eye in one of the water pools.
biological water treatment plant
Later on we headed for Tullgarns näs. But that was mostly overgrown and not such a good birding location as we had expected. It was wet and muddy and a lot of mosquitoes. We found lots of signs from wild boar but did not see them. We went through the forest for quite some time before coming to the meadows at the water. The only birds present was 2 mute swans and some gulls and terns.
Two persons was there investigating small plants. They had a lot to look at. This little flower should be some kind of miniature flax. :) 
Then it was time to go back home.