La Ensenada red critters

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NF Photo 110203, La Ensenada and salines

NF Photo 110203, La Ensenada on a country road
Ett par av de små jag såg i Costa Rica när jag var där.
Two of the small ones I spotted in Costa Rica when I was there.

If anyone know the names I´d like to know it. :)
NF Winged 25
Camera Critters 193
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111005 Falsterbo, wednesday

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111005 Falsterbo, wednesday.  Going home day. :(

Breakfast at 7 as usual. But no lunch to collect today. But I did take some coffee and juice. We will be birding our way back to Lund and the central station. We left Falsterbo at 8 as usual and headed in north east direction. Our first stop at "Gröna Lund" close to a well known area for raptors called Börringe. We have a We have a very bright buzzard named after that area. But we did not see it today.

But we did see 7 sea eagles when we were birding at Havgårdssjön. Not bad. Some Red Kites also presented themselves. A lot of geeze of course. At  place called Punkten ( the point) we had aRough-legged Buzzard showing off it´s beauty for a long while. And, then, for the first time some cranes.

There was not much today and I guess we felt low as we were actually on our way home.

In Lund, as we reached about 11.30 we went to the station and a luchbar. Some paople was hungry and wanted food. We also went through the last birds on the list today. Then we separated.

I had 3 h to my train so I walked around Lund for a while. It is an old college town so lots of it remides of school and libraries. Not really my kind of town. But found a store for magazines where they had a lot of photo mags so I spent some time in there. And then I had some fun photographing a womens hairdo throu some bush. :)
The last shot, a Rough-legged Buzzard

Then almost 4h on the train before I was home again.

Avslutningsdagen blåser det ytterligare något och vi lägger vår sista förmiddag i Börringeområdet. Häftigaste obs är 7 havsörnar som kretsar tillsammans över Havgårdssjön. Ett gäng med 16 glador vid Näsbyholm är heller inte fy skam. Nya resarter är bl.a. duvhök, korp, sädgås och gråsiska. Dessutom 2000 vitkindade gäss även här, denna extrema gåshöst.
Thaimat + artgenomgång på centralstationen i Lund innan vi kl 1300 far var och en åt sitt håll.
Magnus Ullman

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111004 Falsterbo, tuesday

S O O C Sunday  Except for the frame they are all SOOC shots. Enjoy!
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Tuesday oct 4th
Breakfast at 7 as usual. Crossing the lawn on my way to the restaurant I saw some wood pigeons that I took some shots of. It is a  misty morning as usual and my shoes get wet. Everyone was there already so I had to hurry a bit. I could not eat all that great stuff on the buffé as I am allergic to milk. To bad as the youghurt was very good. :(

We left at 8 to go to the lighthouse again. We spent good time to study the Common Kestrels (tornfalk) that surrounded the tower. They  had a nest there so it was great to see them.

Then we headed for Nabben and spotted some different ducks along the way. Among them there was two Common Shelducks (gravand). But I wonder, why  is it so impossible to get a shot of them with the heads up?? At that place we also spotted one Dunnock (järnsparv). It was nice to see one free. Maybe the one we studied two days ago.

At 10.30 the sun came out. I took my camera and went for a stroll alongside the shoreto Måkläppen. I wanted to come closer to the ocean. There were lots of ducks and some swans. And beautiful sand banks to take good shots at. :)
 Bläsand - Eurasian Wigeon, Måkläppen
At lunch time we headed back to the car and Kolabacken. We went the other way along the sanddunes and we were lucky to see a Short-eared Owl (jorduggla) passing above our heads. That´s a treat. :) A couple of butterflies, storfläckig pärlemorfjäril,  also liked the warm, white sand. A new species for me too. And again we could enjoy some raptors when we had our lunch-picnic at Kolabacken.

At 13.15h it is time for our second guiding by Karin in the lighthouse and birding center. Our guide was not aware of the fact that Karin was about to let us up in the lihgthouse tower so that was a pleasent surprise for all of us. We learned some of ut´s history of course and Karin  pointed out some spots of interest. For me, as a photographer, I was intrigued of all refltected rainbows in it. Not to mention the view when we went out to the balcony on the top. In the sunshine it was gorgeous. I could have stayed there all day. Karin told us a bit of their plans for a system to alert birders of interesting birds coming in. They will try to get monitors at the birding places like Nabben so they can tell people whats going on with a system of Live TV.
After the session on the lighthouse we went down to the building beside it. That is where they band (or ring) the birds. The garden is filled with nets among the trees so the first thing we did was to go a rond to catch whatever bird was in the nets. That is being done every 30 minutes during the day. We had to wait a little while so we were invited to coffe and "kanelbulle" as somebody call this day "Kanelbullens dag". Then we took the tour to see what was in the nets. We got a few birds and went inside to see what was done to them. They were checked for health, fat and weight beside gender and species. If they had no ring they were ringed as well. And everything recorded in books and then filed in the computersystem. To finish of the visit we had a shorter lecture about the migration pattern of some birds.
Now it was time for Annas bakery. And then north to Hammarsnäs where we were yesterday but to the far end of the peninsula. It is lowland and rather wet. The place was fenced and a lot of cattle were in there. As yesterday it was a lot of geeze around. We did not stay that long as dinner was coming up.

After dinner and the general birdtalk and spieces count I went for a walk. Hoping the stomach would keep quiet. (They used some spice I am not costumed to.) Well, I went in the other direction today as I wanted to see the canal when it darkened. And the old ship that is docked there. It was beautiful and I had a great time.

Getting back I took a shower, was online for a while and uploaded all the shots for today and then got to sleep.

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Från kortrapporten:
Blåsigare idag, mulet men betydligt klarare luft. Sikten förbättras dessutom under dagen samtidigt som vinden tilltar något från väster.

Vi startar på Nabben och med de förutsättningar som råder hoppas vi på ett bra finksträck. Några rekordnivåer uppnås inte, men den officiella siffran slutar på 14 200 bo/bergfink så vi är inte missnöjda. Inte särskilt många bergfinkar involverade utan, det är mest bofink idag. Dessutom ovanligt gott om hämpling, samt diverse grönsiskor, steglitser och annat. En hel sparvhök idag också men knappast några vråkar eller glador. En brun kärrhök och en blå kärrhök snurrar över västsidan.

En jorduggla flyger ett varv runt oss och försvinner ut i riktning Måkläppen. Fin obs!
Kl 1315 är det dags för nästa muntration, dvs. guidning nr 2 av Karin på fågelstationen. Det börjar med att hon berättar om fyren, dess historia, funktion i gångna tider etc. Därefter får vi klättra upp allra högst upp, där vi fascineras av utsikten åt alla håll. Här kan man verkligen tala om fågelperspektiv på tillvaron.

Efter kaffe och Karins goda kanelbullar (det är trots allt 4 oktober, kanelbullens dag) får vi gå med en av de yngre ringmärkarna på dagens sista runda i fyrträdgården för att vittja näten. Det resulterar i summa tre fåglar, alla redan märkta.

Karin avslutar så med att visa diagram över olika arters trender innan vi tar adjö och tackar för två urtrevliga guidningar.

Till sist går vi en runda längst ute på Hammarsnäs och förbluffas över den kopiösa mängden vitkindade gäss överallt – på själva näset, i Inre Foteviken, på Vellinge ängar, överallt gäss på marken tätt, tätt som packade sillar eller i böljande moln som drar fram över himlen. Vi gör inget seriöst försök att räkna, men det kan mycket väl röra sig om 25 000 vitkindade gäss. En stenfalk jagar länge efter en ängspiplärka men tvingas ge upp. Och vi åker hem för middag.
Nabben 4 oktober.
Magnus Ullman
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