Hjälmaren Canal and lock

Hjälmare Kanal och sluss vid Hällby
 Hjälmaren Canal and locks at Hällby

Lake Hjälmaren and Lake Mälaren are two of the largest lakes in Sweden. This is a 13 kilometres long canal that connects Lake Hjälmaren with Lake Mälaren in Sweden. 9 canal locks lower the boats 22 metres down to Lake Mälaren. Lake Hjälmaren is located about 30 km north of where I live. When I was a kid we had a summer cottage there.

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Bridge at Sundbacken, Värhulta

Hällby Mill where the canal passes a small lake
I was so taken by the beauty of the growth on the poles I forgot to take photos of the old mill.

Hällby Lock with my friend on top in a red jacket.

Hjälmare Docka, close to Arboga town, where the boats are stored in winter.
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And, of course, I had some fun :)

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