111005 Falsterbo, wednesday

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111005 Falsterbo, wednesday.  Going home day. :(

Breakfast at 7 as usual. But no lunch to collect today. But I did take some coffee and juice. We will be birding our way back to Lund and the central station. We left Falsterbo at 8 as usual and headed in north east direction. Our first stop at "Gröna Lund" close to a well known area for raptors called Börringe. We have a We have a very bright buzzard named after that area. But we did not see it today.

But we did see 7 sea eagles when we were birding at Havgårdssjön. Not bad. Some Red Kites also presented themselves. A lot of geeze of course. At  place called Punkten ( the point) we had aRough-legged Buzzard showing off it´s beauty for a long while. And, then, for the first time some cranes.

There was not much today and I guess we felt low as we were actually on our way home.

In Lund, as we reached about 11.30 we went to the station and a luchbar. Some paople was hungry and wanted food. We also went through the last birds on the list today. Then we separated.

I had 3 h to my train so I walked around Lund for a while. It is an old college town so lots of it remides of school and libraries. Not really my kind of town. But found a store for magazines where they had a lot of photo mags so I spent some time in there. And then I had some fun photographing a womens hairdo throu some bush. :)
The last shot, a Rough-legged Buzzard

Then almost 4h on the train before I was home again.

Avslutningsdagen blåser det ytterligare något och vi lägger vår sista förmiddag i Börringeområdet. Häftigaste obs är 7 havsörnar som kretsar tillsammans över Havgårdssjön. Ett gäng med 16 glador vid Näsbyholm är heller inte fy skam. Nya resarter är bl.a. duvhök, korp, sädgås och gråsiska. Dessutom 2000 vitkindade gäss även här, denna extrema gåshöst.
Thaimat + artgenomgång på centralstationen i Lund innan vi kl 1300 far var och en åt sitt håll.
Magnus Ullman

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