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LUNCH, everybody was hungry as we had no meal since 6 a´clock in the morning.
But before we got to Jenny Lake and picnic lunch,  we visited Oxbow Bend.
Oxbow Bend has a spectacular view over Cascade Canyon and Teton range. A must for every visitor to the area.

Our first picnic lunch was in a gorgeous sunshine setting overlooking Jenny Lake. With tablecloth and everything we enjoyed our lunch. The only thing I missed was a hot cup of coffee. But I managed. While the guides set the tables the rest of us explored the area. A great beach and view over Cascade Canyon competed with noisy grasshoppers and birds, Grey Jay, stealing whatever they could eat. Not to mention the squirrels family, chipmunks.

Me and fellow travellers.

 After the quite late lunch we headed for Jackson Lake and the dam.

Jackson Lake above the dam

We met a beautiful Mule deer and some people looking for a moose.

After a long day we arrived at the Jackson Lake Colter Bay Village and got our rooms in small cabins. Then dinner at 20.00 in the restaurant.

A cold shower, uploading my shots and then.....sleep.

Just to wake up again at 5.45 for breakfast.

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  1. Beautiful photos and wonderful memories. I remember seeing these exact spots (and even staying Colter Bay Village) during a vacation when the kids were young. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That first photo is magnificent and I enjoyed your post.

  3. Awesome pics. First pic Brilliant.

  4. Great photos, I would love to see Yellowstone one day-before it disappears from a volcanic eruption.

  5. Hello, these are all awesome images from the Grand Tetons. I love the Oxbow Bend view of the Tetons. We took the boat ride across Jenny Lake and did the hike to the waterfall there. The Dam area was were I saw my first Grizzly Bear. All these beautiful images bring back great memories. I hope you enjoyed your trip.


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