Yellowstone 170928 1 Morning Grand Teton sunrise, bison and so much more

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We were awake at 06.00. for breakfast. And ready to leave the Ranch Inn at 6.45 to see the first light on the top of Grand Teton. It was a nice and slightly chilly morning. As we arrived at the viewpoint a lot of people was there already. So hard to get the reflection without people in the shot.

Next stop was at the Elk Ranch Flats where we saw a lot of bison. To begin with it was still cold enough to be frost in their fur. As we were there the herd was passing across the road to go to the area on the other side. And they were coming right at me. They wanted to cross an old fence which gave the young ones big trouble. I was in trouble too as they were too close for comfort. Hard to get great shots. And I did not know weather to stay or leave. But, they were only interested in crossing the fence. So I stayed put.  More images HERE

At the National_elk_refuge we were able to see a family of Trumpeter swans. Just a pity they were far away and mostly turned their back on us. I think I also have a Ring-necked duck in the photo.

Later on we were back to the Elk Flat Ranch
This time we also had great views of  a herd of  Pronghorn antelope. One male frenetically trying to keep the herd together.

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Well, I stop here or the post will be too long. Next post...Lunch!

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  1. Hello, gorgeous sunrise and a lovely view of the Tetons. The Trumpeter Swan family is pretty and I love the bison and antelope. Fantastic photos. I wish I was there. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. So many beautiful images, wonderful post

  3. Great photos - especially like the ones where you have captured the sun just touching the tops of the mountains.

  4. What a gem that final photo is. One to be framed for sure.

  5. Beautiful tour of the place. I love that last shot.

  6. Amazing place. Great pic. Last one Brilliant.

  7. What a lovely trip. We have been wanting to come here for a long time, but somehow we can't get all the logistic together.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  8. This is all wonderful! I can wait to visit Yellowstone. I want to see all that wildlife. #OurWorldTuesday


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