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Breakfast at 6 as usual. Today are leaving Teton to go to Yellowstone NP. Even if Teton NP is marvellous Yellowstone is what I waited for. This was our first rainy day.
Last view of Teton Range seen from inside the car.

A Grizzly Bear

Rather soon after our departure from Colter Bay we encountered a lot of cars standing on the road. What was going on? We found that they were looking for a grizzly bear in the bushes below the road. It was hard to see at first but then it came out. It was a big and fat one. Ready for winter I believe.
Every time we encountered wildlife close to the road guards appeared from out of nowhere. Trying to keep both wildlife and people safe. That was not an easy task as people wanted to get close to the animals and sometimes did not obey the orders to keep a safe distance to the animals.

Last image, below, shows how the fires has effected the forest. The grizzly at the botom of the image.

Lining up for tickets.
We continued up north passing the South Entry to Yellowstone NP  and now we were entering the actual Volcanic Caldera.

First stop inside the park was at Lewis Falls and Lake.

Me and the Continental Divide.

Then, on my request we made a short photo stop at the Continental Divide sign. I have a shot at that location from my first trip 24 years ago and wanted one this time as well. So this is me holding the sign. And, as you can see we had the first snow.
Elevation 7988 equals 2435m above ocean level

And I think I stop there for today. Next one up will be West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Burnt forest and the grizzly.

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  1. Oooh, a grizzly...immediately identifiable by that hump. Wow!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. All great photos and the grizzly is magnificent but I'm glad you were no closer! Any beat deserves our respect!

  3. Nice place to visit if a little to busy at times so I have been told

  4. I have never seen a bear so close! Nice experience!


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