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Waking up early for breakfast as usual on a trip. We met for departure at 6.45.

On my request we made a quick stop overlooking the misty sunrise over Jackson Lake.

Then we continued to, once again, stop at Oxbow Bend with some mist over the river. It is really beautiful.

Oxbow bend the other direction, with mist over the water.

Barns of Mormon Row

Next stop, the event of the day, they said! Mormon Row Historic District. The old farm and the barns  in front of the Grand Teton. Also a "must" for every visitor
to the Grand Teton National Park. This was the reason why our Swedish guides was in stress. They had hoped for frost, mist and bison in front of the old farm.
We had frost, but no bison in sight. On a location like this it is pretty hard to "do anything unusual" that had not been seen and photographed before. And I´m too short to get a view where the old barn is framed by Grand Teton. Even with my arms in the air.

when done with the barns you can always find something else to photograph. (Don´t worry, these two were married)

Well with no bison to shot I had to settle for:

And with that I stop for today, will continue the day later on.

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  1. Beautiful photos - I really enjoy your posts

  2. Fantastic, atmospheric shot of the barn with Grand Teton in the background.

  3. A place I have never been and sure wish to go! Your photos are just breath-taking!

  4. Wow - stunning scenery!

  5. Wow, there are a lot of stunning photos in here. I feel at home when there are lakes around. I went to the Lake Tahoe area last weekend and saw tons of chipmunks. #OurWorldTuesday

  6. Learn something every day. Didn't know there was a settlement of Mormons in Wyoming, but I am sure they were one of the many groups of settlers that were asked to branch away from SLC after it was established. I know some went to Arizona and some went to Nevada and then up to Idaho too. So I guess it makes sense to go to Wyoming since it is a neighbor to Utah. So lovely! I have been to Yellowston but am pining to go to see the Tetons.

  7. Chipmunks are cuter than bison, anyway. :) Your photos are beautiful!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Hello, gorgeous scenery. I love the Tetons. Great capture of the Mormon Row barn and the river. The chipmunk is a cutie. Great photos.

  9. Beautiful scenery! Cute chipmunk!
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Beautiful pics in the Tetons. We've been there several times and each time is a delight.

  11. ...what gorgeous shots of a gorgeous spot!!! Another must see location for my list. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again.

  12. Such beautiful photos of this amazing area. Great barn!


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